Physiotherapists work in public and/or private health care institutions, by providing consultancy work to companies and industries, and independently. Their work routine, which consists of making a kinetic functional diagnosis of human organs and systems, is very comprehensive, as they are eligible to work in hospitals, sports clubs (Olympic teams, soccer, volleyball, etc.), rehabilitation centers, offices, clinics (dermato functional physiotherapy, which deals with aesthetic alterations), etc. They are responsible for prescribing and employing methodologies and techniques intrinsic to Physiotherapy and work in health care teams at any level: preventive, remedial and rehabilitation; they also develop, take part and apply research for the benefit of health, the profession and the society.
1 31152-04 Anatomy of Organs and Systems
3121L-04 Biophysics
3121M-04 Biochemistry
36364-04 Introduction to Physiotherapy I
31528-03 Histology and General Embryology
2 31155-06 Musculoskeletal Anatomy
31499-02 Cell Biology and Genetics
3121P-06 Human Physiology
36373-04 Introduction to Physiotherapy II
3 36366-06 Clinical Aspects of Neurofunction
36374-04 Kinesiology I
3121R-02 Basic Pharmacology
31357-02 Immunology
36375-02 Innovation and Development in Health
31358-02 Microbiology and Parasitology
33237-02 Basic Pathology
4 36376-06 Kinesiology II
36370-04 Electro-, Photo- and Thermal Therapy
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
36377-02 Clinical Fundamentals of Pilates
36343-02 Foundations of Professional Practice in Physiotherapy
36387-04 Manual Therapeutic Resources
5 36378-03 Kinesiotherapy I
36351-04 Aesthetic Physiotherapy
36368-06 Functional Physiotherapy
36340-04 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy I
36341-04 Neurofunctional Physiotherapy I
36339-03 Assisted Practice in Human Movement Physiotherapy I
36379-02 Pilates Practices
6 36348-02 Kinesiotherapy II
36380-04 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy I
36350-04 Neurofunctional Physiotherapy II
36381-03 Pelvic Physiotherapy
36345-04 Cardiorespiratory Function I
36346-03 Assisted Practice in Human Movement Physiotherapy II
36344-03 Assisted Practice in Cardiorespiratory Function I
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
7 36356-04 Kinesiotherapy III
36357-04 Aquatic Physiotherapy
36358-02 Sports Physiotherapy
36353-04 Cardiorespiratory Function II
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
36367-02 Health Research
36352-03 Assisted Practice in Cardiovascular Function II
13298-02 Psychology
8 36383-02 Analysis and Interpretation of Scientific Literature
36365-12 Elective courses
36384-06 Supervised Internship I (115 Hours)
1255W-01 English Language Proficiency Exam
36355-06 Cardiorespiratory Function III
36354-03 Assisted Practice in Cardiovascular Function III
36382-02 Clinical Seminars in Physiotherapy
9 36385-26 Supervised Internship II (510 Hours)
36361-02 Undergraduate Thesis I
10 36372-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
36386-26 Supervised Internship III (510 Hours)
36363-02 Undergraduate Thesis II