Bachelors of Nutrition can work in public and/or private institutions, such as hospitals, industries, companies, hotels, schools, restaurants, clinics, medical offices, gyms, sports centers, research institutions, conducting individual or collective food orientation, in different evolutionary stages, with an eye to promoting a longer and healthier life. Similarly, they may work in food and nutrition services management, and will take part in health care teams by providing assistance and nutritional orientation to individuals or groups.
1 31154-04 Human Anatomy
36433-02 Integrative Action for Nutrition
3121N-02 Biophysics
31156-03 Histology and General Embryology
36432-04 Nutrition and Health
31356-02 Parasitology
4313E-02 Chemistry
2 1514J-04 Anthropology of Food and Eating
3144A-04 Genetic and Cell Biology
3121S-04 Structural Biochemistry
1255W-01 English Language Proficiency Exam
36434-04 Nutrition, Health and the Community
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
3 3121T-04 Metabolic Biochemistry
3121P-06 Human Physiology
31359-04 General and Food Microbiology
36435-06 Nutrition and Longevity
36436-06 Dietary Technique and Food Hygiene
4 36455-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
43292-04 Food Science
36440-12 Elective courses
36438-06 Maternal and Child Nutrition
36439-02 Research in Health
13286-04 Psychology
36437-06 Dietary Technique in the Cycles of Life
5 36442-06 Collective Feeding and Health
36159-02 Education for Health
3121U-02 Pharmacology
36441-06 Social and Clinical Nutrition I
36443-02 Nutrition for Sports and Health
33238-02 Pathology
43294-04 Food Technology
6 36447-08 Supervised Internship in Collective Feeding (240 Hours)
36525-04 Gastronomy
36445-04 Nutrition Management
31329-03 Immunology
36444-06 Social and Clinical Nutrition II
7 36450-08 Supervised Internship in Nutrition in Public Health (240 Hours)
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
36449-02 Research Methods in Nutrition
36448-04 Social and Clinical Nutrition III
36451-02 Thesis I
8 36452-08 Supervised Internship in Clinical Nutrition (240 Hours)
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
36454-04 Innovation and Development in Nutrition
36453-02 Thesis II