Nurses are eligible to work in public and/or private hospitals, outpatient care units, community health centers, companies, schools, children and elderly communities. As an independent nurse, he/she may work in nursing offices, clinics or health care companies. They will manage, prescribe and develop health care and educational activities, by employing intrinsic nursing methodologies. They may work with the professional training of nurses as well as develop and apply research geared towards people’s health, their profession and society.
1 31151-04 General Human Anatomy
3121H-03 Biophysics
3121M-04 Biochemistry
36189-02 Fundamentals of Nursing and Patient Safety I
31528-03 Histology and General Embryology
31353-03 Microbiology
31354-02 Parasitology and Mycology
36150-02 First Aid
2 31152-04 Anatomy of Organs and Systems
31498-03 Cell Biology and Genetics
3121P-06 Human Physiology
36190-08 Fundamentals of Nursing and Patient Safety II
3611H-02 Scientific Writing
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
3 36191-10 Primary Health Care Nursing
36194-02 Health Education
36193-04 Epidemiology, Health Surveillance and Transmissible Diseases
36192-04 Fundamentals of Nursing and Patient Safety III
31355-03 Immunology
4 36166-02 Nursing and Complementary Laboratory Tests
36195-08 Nursing for Adults and Seniors I
3121K-02 Basic Pharmacology
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
36431-02 Basic Nutrition and Health
33237-02 Basic Pathology
1332F-02 Psychology and Health
5 36160-12 Elective Courses
36196-04 Mental Health Nursing
36197-14 Nursing of Adults and Seniors II
31529-02 Clinical Pharmacology
6 36198-12 Maternal and Child Nursing
36199-10 High-Complexity Nursing Care
7 3611B-12 Nursing in Child and Adolescent Health
3611A-04 Health Care Management
3611C-04 Health Research
8 1255W-01 English Language Proficiency Exam
3611D-15 Nursing Management
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
36375-02 Innovation and Development in Health
36182-02 Undergraduate Thesis I
9 3611F-17 Supervised Internship (510 Hours)
36184-02 Undergraduate Thesis II
10 36185-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
3611G-17 Supervised Internship II (510 Hours)