PUCRS’ Gastronomy Program is intended to produce creative and entrepreneurial professionals, capable of implementing cooking techniques in view of individual and collective well-being, equipped with socio-environmental responsibility and valuing regional culture. Such professionals will rely on technical expertise and scientific fundamentals in order to take part and lead teams, as well as plan, organize, execute and manage food services, in line with the market trends and technological innovations in the area of gastronomy.
1 36501-02 Anthropology and Culture of Food
125BM-02 French for Gastronomy
36503-04 Fundamentals and Techniques of Gastronomy I
36504-04 Cold Cuisine
254CC-02 Interpersonal Management
36505-04 Food Hygiene and Legislation
36502-02 Human Nutrition
2 36506-04 Fundamentals and Techniques of Gastronomy II
25668-02 Technical Descriptions and Pricing in Gastronomy
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
36507-04 Bread Making
43295-02 Technology and Culinary Chemistry
36508-04 Harmonization of Beverages
3 36511-04 Cake Decorating
36510-04 European Cuisine
36512-04 Regional Cuisine
36513-04 Elective course
254CF-02 Entrepreneurial Development
36509-04 Food, Sustainability and Regional Culture Seminar
4 36518-02 Sensory Analysis
36515-04 Brazilian Cuisine
36516-04 Asian Cuisine
36519-01 Mandatory Internship (120 Hours)
36517-04 Gastronomy and Health
25669-04 Event Management
36514-04 Materials and Structure Management
5 36521-04 Cuisine of the Americas
2335K-02 Photography in Gastronomy
2335J-02 Gastronomy and Consumer Market
36523-05 Creative Process in Gastronomy
36524-04 Food Science and Art Seminar
36520-02 Sustainability in Gastronomy
36522-04 Restaurant Practices