The Biomedicine program is intended to produce biomedical scientists capable of conducting clinical, cytological, hematological, molecular, bromatological, environmental analysis as well as production and analysis of bioderivates, bioengineering actions, aesthetic biomedicine and image analysis, based on ethical principles and on the understanding of social, cultural and economic reality of their field, focusing on the transformation of reality on behalf of society. Therefore, it will produce generalist and humanist professionals to work in all levels of attention to health care, thus enabling them to present competences, abilities and know-how, within the perspectives and contemporary approaches employed by Biomedical scientists.

The program will address theoretical and practical insights in order to develop professional abilities that enable students to work autonomously and be committed to professional development. In addition to that, it will play a role in health promotion, protection and rehabilitation at both the individual and collective levels.

In accordance with the principles of the University and, in view of a comprehensive training, students will be encouraged to take part in activities fostering the improvement of quality of life and health of individuals, in view of the ethical dimension and the human principles of inclusion.

1 31154-04 Human Anatomy
31521-03 Cell Biology
35155-02 Introduction to Biomedicine as a Profession
43182-02 General Chemistry Laboratory
4110Z-04 Mathematics
31356-02 Parasitology
43169-04 General Chemistry
2 4120V-02 Biostatistics A
3121L-04 Biophysics
3121S-04 Structural Biochemistry
3121P-06 Human Physiology
31156-03 Histology and General Embryology
35141-02 Clinical Parasitology
4310D-04 Organic Chemistry I
3 3141H-04 Molecular Biology
3121T-04 Metabolic Biochemistry
31621-02 Biosafety
3142E-04 Genetics I
35126-04 Clinical Hematology
31224-04 Basic and Food Microbiology
33236-02 Pathology
4 35226-03 Cosmetology
35166-12 Elective courses
3121K-02 Basic Pharmacology
35156-04 Fundamentals of Aesthetic Biomedicine I
35128-04 Hematology and Clinical Cytology
31347-04 Immunology
35183-04 Clinical Microbiology
5 35136-04 Clinical Biochemistry I
3144D-02 Biotechnology
35154-04 Molecular Diagnosis
254CN-02 Entrepreneurship Development
35157-04 Fundamentals of Aesthetic Biomedicine II
4221R-04 Radiation Physics for Biomedical Sciences
35158-04 Quality Management in Biomedicine
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
6 35137-04 Clinical Biochemistry II
36193-04 Epidemiology, Health Surveillance and Transmissible Diseases
35159-02 Internship I (160 hours)
4221T-04 Fundamentals of Medical Imaging
35124-06 Clinical Immunology
31531-04 Toxicology
7 31532-04 Biology of Human Aging
35162-02 Deontology and Biomedical Legislation
35160-02 Internship II (160 hours)
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
36367-02 Health Research
35161-02 Advanced Topics in Biomedicine
8 35165-00 Complementary Activities
35164-04 Internship III (380 hours)
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
35163-06 Thesis