Biological Sciences

Graduates from the Biological Sciences program are scientists engaged in studying human life as well as animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms, including their origin, evolution and interactions. They can work in public companies or agencies, as researchers, analysts, inspectors, supervisors, advisors and service providers in the areas of natural resources, conservation, environmental preservation, biodiversity, biotechnology, genetic engineering, environmental impact analysis or in human health, pathological diagnosis, collective health, sanitation, pest control, among others. Graduates will be eligible to teach Sciences and Biology, in general, as well as Health and the Environment in Elementary, Middle and High Schools.
1 31703-04 Biodiversity
31521-03 Cell Biology
31730-04 Individual and Population Ecology
31704-02 Introduction to Biology as a Professional Activity
4117A-04 Mathematics for Biological Sciences
4314F-04 Chemistry for Biological Sciences
2 4120V-02 Biostatistics A
31616-02 Biophysics
31522-04 Tissue Biology
3121S-04 Structural Biochemistry
4223A-04 Physics for Biological Sciences
3144I-06 Geology and Paleontology
31705-02 Oceanology and Limnology
3 31617-02 Molecular Biophysics
3141H-04 Molecular Biology
3121T-04 Metabolic Biochemistry
3149A-12 Elective courses
31708-03 Prokaryotic Diversity
31707-03 Basal Eukaryotes
31523-04 Animal Morphology and Physiology I
31706-02 Quantitative Methods in Biology
4623I-02 Programming for Biological Sciences
4 4611B-04 Bioinformatics
31710-04 Botany of Bryophytes and Pteridophytes
31709-04 Community and Ecosystem Ecology
3142E-04 Genetics I
3142U-03 Mycology
31524-03 Animal Morphology and Physiology II
3142T-04 Zoology I
5 31525-03 Human Anatomy
31711-02 Experimental Biology
31145-04 Developmental Biology
31526-03 Genetics II
31712-05 Morphology of Spermatophytes
31713-03 Methods in Ecology
3143B-04 Zoology II
6 3144D-02 Biotechnology
31731-05 Botany of Spermatophytes
31715-02 Applied Ecology
31527-03 Human Physiology
31714-04 Plant Physiology
31347-04 Immunology
31716-02 Project I
31717-02 Virosphere
3143G-04 Zoology III
7 31464-02 Biogeography
3144F-04 Conservation Biology
31718-01 Professional Internship I (165 Hours)
3142S-04 Evolution
31618-02 Frontiers of Biological Sciences
3144E-03 Parasitology and Public Health
31719-01 Project II (105 Hours)
3143N-04 Zoology IV
8 3148A-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
31620-02 Forensic Biology
31721-01 Professional Internship II (165 Hours)
15099-04 Philosophy and Bioethics
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
31720-02 Environmental Licensing
31722-01 Project III (105 Hours)
31619-04 Toxicology and Pharmacology