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Communication Practices and Culture
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Culture and Technologies of Images and of the Imaginary This course looks at cultural practices and products in the media, including aesthetics, languages and cultural and artistic styles. It also addresses communication supports and products in the social sphere, as well as imaginaries in the social environment of the culture reflected in or influenced by the media. It also looks at the theories on the culture of the medias. It encourages the development of research into the social imaginaries and the technologies that influence, produce or propel them, by analyzing new types of behavior, actions, lifestyles, interaction, leisure, and entertainment. It studies individual or collective appropriation of cultural manifestations that produce subjectivity with the mediation of technology. It encourages the production of research into the historical, political, artistic and technological aspects of social imaginaries. It addresses cinema studies, audiovisual, social media, digital culture, cultural industry, media criticism, production of meaning in medias, technological and media sociabilities.
Policies and Professional Practices in Communications This course looks at the professional practices in the medias and in the sociopolitical processes that occur or arise from this form of interaction in the area of communications. It conducts an analysis of the professional practices, its professional methods, expressions, supports and discourses of journalism, advertising, cinema, audiovisual studies, public relations and corporate communication in print, electronic and digital media. It looks at professional practices based on theories and the works of theoreticians involved, as it addresses the historical, political, institutional, marketing and technological aspects when they have an effect on the aforementioned professional practices. It addresses research on how the sociopolitical practices in society are perceived and how these conjunctural phenomena impact the routines, perspectives, modes of production and results achieved in the aforementioned academic areas.

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Núcleo de Pesquisas em Ciências da Comunicação (NUPECC) ANTONIO CARLOS HOHLFELDT
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