The Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia, fruit of the joint efforts between PUCRS and the Embassy of Australia in Brazil, aims to become a hub for the internationalization of education for Latin America.

Located at the School of Humanities, the Center aims to promote the development of research on internationalization of education and cooperation activities in education. Additionally, it aims to foster collaboration agreements between PUCRS and educational institutions in Australia, development agencies, technology parks and researchers.

The Center aims to:

  • Contribute to the improvement of research and educational activities between Brazil and Australia;
  • Develop expertise and share world-class practices in education;
  • Consolidate research networks involving Brazil and Australia;
  • Promote intercultural education and academic exchanges;
  • Become a reference hub in the internationalization of education for Latin America.



  • Methodologies
  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Joint research
  • Transnational education
  • Academic Mobility
  • Academic Cooperation


  • Higher education governance and management models
  • Legal frameworks (guidelines, regulations)
  • Internationalization Criteria
  • Evaluation of the internationalization process
  • International comparative references
  • Public funding and government incentives


Quality assessment for higher education institutions: A public policy perspective

April 6, 2021 18:30 BR | April 7, 2021 07:30 AM (Melbourne)

Streamed on PUCRS' YouTube Channel

Guest speakers

Dr. Karen Treloar

Australian Government Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency - TEQSA, Australia

Dr. Robert Verhine

CAPES, Brazil

Implementing quality assessment criteria in Higher Education Institutions: A management perspective

April 7, 2021 18:30 BR | April 8, 2021 07:30 (Brisbane)

Streamed on PUCRS' YouTube Channel

Guest speakers

Dr. Fran Sheldon

Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Luciane Stalliviere

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Incorporating internationalization and quality standards in curriculum design and classroom experiences: A professor perspective

April 8, 2021 19:00 BR | April 9, 2021 06:00 (Perth)

Streamed on PUCRS' YouTube Channel

Guest speakers

Dr. Lina Pelliccione

Curtin University, Australia

Dr. Bernardo Bueno

PUCRS, Brazil

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