The Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia, fruit of the joint efforts between PUCRS and the Embassy of Australia in Brazil, aims to become a hub for the internationalization of education for Latin America.

Located at the School of Humanities, the Center aims to promote the development of research on internationalization of education and cooperation activities in education. Additionally, it aims to foster collaboration agreements between PUCRS and educational institutions in Australia, development agencies, technology parks and researchers.

The Center aims to:

  • Contribute to the improvement of research and educational activities between Brazil and Australia;
  • Develop expertise and share world-class practices in education;
  • Consolidate research networks involving Brazil and Australia;
  • Promote intercultural education and academic exchanges;
  • Become a reference hub in the internationalization of education for Latin America.



  • Methodologies
  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Joint research
  • Transnational education
  • Academic Mobility
  • Academic Cooperation


  • Higher education governance and management models
  • Legal frameworks (guidelines, regulations)
  • Internationalization Criteria
  • Evaluation of the internationalization process
  • International comparative references
  • Public funding and government incentives


Jul 15, 2020:

Kick Off Webinar

Virtual opening

Time: 6:30 PM (GMT-3)

Streamed on PUCRS' YouTube Channel

Main Lecture - The challenges of integrating the international, intercultural and global dimensions in the purpose and educational deliveries in world 4.0

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Guest speakers

Prof. Dr. Betty Leask

Prof. Dr. Betty Leask (EdD) is a Professor Emerita in the internationalization of higher education at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and a Research Fellow at the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) at Boston College, USA. Betty’s research interests are: internationalization of higher education curriculum, teaching and learning as a driver of change and innovation. Betty developed the first research-based framework for internationalization of the curriculum in 2010. The framework is used by universities across the world to inform their approach to internationalization of the curriculum, campus and community. Betty is also Chief Editor of the Journal of Studies in International Education, the leading journal in the field.

Prof. Nythamar de Oliveira

Holds a B.A. and a M.A. in Theology from Faculté de Théologie Réformée d'Aix-en-Provence (1985, 1987), a M.A. in Philosophy (Villanova University, 1990) and a PhD in Philosophy (1994) from State University of New York in Stony Brook. Has completed post-doctoral research at New School for Social Research (1997-98), University of Miami (2015), London School of Economics, and from Universität Kassel (2004-05, 2012). Has served as an Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation fellow. Is currently a Full Professor at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). Coordinates the Philosophy programs at CAPES (2018-22), the Neurophilosophy Research Group (Brain Institute – BraIns), and serves as Editor of journal Veritas. Is also a member of the Clinical Bioethics Committee and of the coordinating committee of the Brazilian Center for Research on Democracy, created in 2009.

Jul 22, 2020:


Internationalization of Education - methodologies and evaluation of the teaching-learning process

Time: 6:30 PM (GMT-3)

On Zoom - ID: 982 2373 4571
Password: 159495

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Guest speakers

Prof. Dr. Craig Whitsed

Craig Whitsed (PhD) is Senior Lecturer in the Curtin University School of Education, Faculty of Humanities. He is Discipline Lead for the research group Education and Pedagogy within the School of Education and Course Coordinator for the postgraduate certificate, Higher Education Innovative Learning and Teaching. Craig is a member of the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Research Committee and a past convener of the Special Interest Group for Internationalising the Curriculum. He was Co-Executive Editor of the journal, Higher Education Research & Development (2017-2020). Craig is Fellow, Centre for Internationalisation of Education, University of Groningen Campus Fryslân (Netherlands) and Visiting Scholar 2019 at the Centre for International Higher Education, Lynch School of Education and Human Development Boston College. Craig is a Senior Fellow of the Murdoch University Learning Excellence Academy where he worked in academic professional development. His most recent publications include: Leask, B., Whitsed, C., de Wit, H., & Beelen, J. Faculty Engagement: Moving Beyond a Discourse of Disengagement. In Ogden, C., B Streitwieser., & Van Mol, C. (2020) Education Abroad: Bridging Scholarship and Practice. Routledge. And, Kudo, K., Volet, S., & Whitsed, C. (2019). Development of intercultural relationships at university: a three-stage ecological and person-in-context conceptual framework. Higher Education, 77(3), 473-489.

Profa. Dr. Luciane Stallivieri

Dr. Stallivieri earned her bachelor's in Foreign Languages from the University of Caxias do Sul; master in International Cooperation from Universidade São Marcos - São Paulo and her Ph.D. in Modern Languages from Universidad del Salvador - Buenos Aires. She is a specialist in University Management from the Inter-American University Organization (IOHE) of Canada, and recently finished her post-doctoral studies in Internationalization and Knowledge Management at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. She is past President of the Brazilian Association of International Education - FAUBAI. She is currently Professor of Internationalization of Higher Education at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Brasil - and also a researcher at the Institute of Studies and Research in University Administration at the same Institution. With over 20 years of working in international education, her specialisms include international cooperation management and internationalization of higher education based on the knowledge management approach. This work resulted in the development of a conceptual framework of basic paradigms of Responsible Internationalization. She has lectured in many countries as a guest speaker. She also works as a reviewer and is a member of more than 20 national and international journals and editorial boards. She also works as a higher education consultant for the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Sponsors - ABMES and the U-Experience Consortium, helping higher education institutions with the internationalization process.

Prof. Dr. Marília Morosini

Holds a PhD in Education from UFRGS. Has completed post-doctoral research at University of Texas. Is a CNPq -A1 researcher. Is currently a Full Professor at PUCRS. Coordinates the Center for Higher Education Studies - CEES / PUCRS and of the Sulbrasileira Network of Higher Education Researchers -RIES. Coordinates the Higher Education project in emerging contexts, receiving grants from FAPERGS / CNPq / PRONEX Núcleo de Excelência em Ciencia, Tecnologia e Inovação. Coordinates the Center for Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation. Is the Chief Editor of EBES-Enciclopedia Brasileira de Educação and Coordinator of the Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia.

Jul 29, 2020:


Public Policies for the Internationalization of Education - Policy Benchmark

Time: 6:30 PM (GMT-3)

On Zoom - ID: 966 2666 0274
Password: 971311

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Prof. Dr. Connie McManus

Holds a degree in Agricultural Sciences from University College Dublin (1987), a Master's in Genetics and Animal Breeding from the University of Edinburgh (1988) and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oxford (1991). Has received a grant from the Brazilian Federal Agency for the Evaluation and Support of Graduate Education (CAPES) to carry out post-doctoral research at the University of Sydney (2002). Is a full professor at the University of Brasília, receiving a 1A grant from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ). Served as Director of International Relations at the Brazilian Federal Agency for Evaluation and Support for Graduate Education (CAPES) and as a board member of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria). Is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Commander of the National Order of Scientific Merit.

Mathew Johnston

Counsellor for Education and Science at the Australian Embassy in Brazil. Working closely with his counterpart in Mexico City, Mathew has responsibility for Australia’s education, training and science relationships with Latin American countries outside of the Pacific Alliance, with a primary focus on Brazil and Argentina. Mathew is focused on continuing to strengthen government-to-government engagement with Brazil on education, training and research cooperation. He will also work with emerging partners such as Argentina to identify opportunities for collaboration both bilaterally and multilaterally through fora such as the G20. As increasing numbers of students from Latin America choose Australia as a study destination, particularly from Brazil, Mathew will continue to enhance collaboration in order to foster deeper connections between Australia and the region.

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme

Holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh (2001), a Master's in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews (2002), a PhD in Philosophy at Durham University (2008). Has developed postdoctoral research at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanity, University of Edinburgh (2010). Worked at the universities of Edinburgh, Durham and Liverpool Hope University. Served as a visiting professor at the School of Education at the University of Cambridge and other universities such as University of Maastricht, Universitat Bern, Université de Neuchatel, Universitet i Oslo, Université de Luxembourg and University of Haifa. Has regularly visited the Buber Archives at the National and University Library of Israel and the Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum) in Jerusalem, Israel on business. Currently serves as Adjunct Professor in PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Education, with focus on the following areas: education and violence, and education and dialogue.

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