Austrian professor discusses concept of transdisciplinarity

Roland Scholz came to the University under PUCRS-PrInt

06/12/2019 - 10h32

Professor Scholz was welcomed at the Office for International Cooperation / Photo: Mariana Haupenthal

November was marked by the visit of Austrian professor Dr Roland Scholz, from Danube University Krems, in Austria. He came in support of the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), under the cooperation project Macro and microeconomic aspects associated with economic, social, human and environmental development, which is coordinated by Business School Professor Dr. Edimara Luciano.

Edimara has been partners with the visiting professor as both were involved in the development of other projects, such as the Strengthening Governance Capacity for Smart Sustainable Cities (CAP4CITY). Given their mutual research interests, especially in the use of digital data and corruption, the Austrian professor came to the University through PUCRS-PrInt.

In his visit to PUCRS, Scholz discussed the concept of transdisciplinarity, of which he is one of the major exponents. He also talked about ongoing projects he is using this theoretical framework. The visiting professor welcomed students interested in learning more about the topic, in an effort to make a contribution to the University’s ongoing research projects.

Workshops and lectures


Photo: Regina Martins

Scholz, an internationally recognized scholar, delivered the workshop Best Practices in Publishing, as he shared his expertise with high impact publications with the audience. On Nov 18, he also gave the lecture Transdisciplinarity, the new method of doing science with and for society: Preparing science for contributing to a sustainable use of digital technology, in which he addressed the topic of transdisciplinarity, including its conceptual and methodological foundations, and functions and outcomes.


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