Université de Toulouse professor talks about semantic data integration

Seminar by Cássia Trojahn brought graduate students together

27/06/2019 - 09h13
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Photo: Camila Cunha

Prof. Cássia Trojahn, from the Université de Toulouse 2 – Jean Jaurès, France, came to PUCRS as a Visiting Professor under the PUCRS-PrInt (Call 03/2019 – Visiting Professor in Brazil) program. She is working on the project Development of Innovative Technologies and Processes in Health, which is coordinated by Professor Dr Maria Martha Campos and embraced by the priority area Health in Human Development .

Cássia has served as an Assistant Professor in France since 2009 and as a researcher at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT). She has been doing research into Computer Science, with emphasis on semantic web, ontologies, ontology mapping, assessment of alignment systems and argumentation theory.

Complex alignments

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Photo: Camila Cunha

On Jun 11, she delivered the seminar Semantic Data Integration: complex alignments for better covering ontology heterogeneities. Cássia discussed semantic data integration and the methods of use of ontologies as a common and standardized representation of concepts and relations of a particular domain (for instance, life sciences and geography). She addressed concepts associated with complex alignments about ontologies and presented the complex correspondence approach, which was developed by IRIT’s group Methodes et ingénierie des Langues, des Ontologies et du Discours (MELODI).

Trojahn also met with students involved in the Group for Artificial Intelligence in Health  (GIAS) and in the laboratories of Natural Language Processing  (PLN) and Multiagent Systems, Robotics and Semantic Technologies (SMART). The French professor also collaborated with the professors who teach the courses on Autonomous Intelligent Systems and Semantic Technologies of the Graduate Program in Computer Science  (PPGCC).



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