PUCRS to host international congress of innovation for second time

CIKI will take place in Nov 2019 and will address Knowledge Management, Resilience and Human Factors

13/11/2018 - 09h05

2018_10_31-cikiPUCRS will be home to the 9th edition of the International Congress of Knowledge and Innovation – CIKI  in Nov 2019. In the 2018 edition, the director of Ideia, Dr Eduardo Giugliani, was notified of the acceptance of Porto Alegre as a host city to the event after the submitted the application. This will be the second time the institution will host CIKI. In his view, PUCRS was chosen because of the good impression the institution left in 2013. “Never before the congress occurred twice in the same city, in these nine editions”, adds he.

The event’s main themes are Knowledge Management, Resilience and Human Factors. These topics are all related to research projects involving companies and their current concerns in including human factors in their management processes. The event will be be sponsored by Tecnopuc, Ideia, School of Technology and Business School.

In Giugliani’s view, the fact that PUCRS is hosting the event for a second time is very important. He mentions the relevance of Tecnopuc as an environment of innovation in Brazil and the current global scenario. He also makes mention of the partnership between PUCRS and the Organização Universitária Interamericana (OUI), an institution that supports CIKI and promotes it among more than 350 universities in the Americas. “We have also joined the Interamerican Program for Development of Managers for Innovation Environments, in its 2nd edition. This online project is run by the OUI – Colégio de Las Américas, but also features two on-site classes: one of them to be held at CIKI and another to be held in an environment of innovation. Next year, Tecnopuc will open its doors to it, as an immersion activity”, adds he.


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