PUCRS takes part in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

School of Technology students represented the University in the USA

27/06/2018 - 08h42

Apple Worldwide Developers ConferenceFive School of Technology  students have attended the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), from Jun 4 – 8, in San Jose, California. Students Bruno Dorneles (Computer Engineering), Bruno Wide (Computer Science), Homero Junior Santos, Matheus Vaccaro e Maximilian Zorzetti (Software Engineering) joined Professor Franz Joseph Figueroa. At the event, they had the chance to learn more about the new tools used for the development of apps and the brand’s new devices.

In 2018, Apple reserved 350 seats for undergraduate developers, at no charge. The criterion for selection included the designing of an app that indicated each applicant’s awareness of the technology used by the company. The analysis of the best projects was performed by an Apple committee.

PUCRS students are part of the Apple Developer Academy, a partnership involving the School of Technology and the  Eldorado Research Institute in collaboration with the US giant. “Because it is such an exclusive event for people all over the world, it is a great chance to make important connections. WWDC is, first and foremost, an experience. Apple makes every effort to ensure outstanding experiences. Because of that, the event is always very carefully planned to ensure everyone has a great experience”, says Maximilian Zorzetti.


WWDC is Apple’s world conference for its registered developers. This is a highly anticipated event for the company as it features more than 5,000 people from all over the world. It features lectures and new releases and guests can join laboratory sessions to experience practices with the company’s software engineers and people all over the world.

Apple Developer Academy

Apple Developer Academy provides training for the development of apps for its devices. The program is at no charge and open for students in any academic programs. It consists of a total weekly workload of 20 hours for two years.

The program brings forth a number of challenges related to real world issues in order to encourage creativity, technical expertise and specific problem-solving skills. Its includes courses on software development, design, user experience and entrepreneurship. All of that is made by highly qualified experts in the recent trends of the growing market of apps.


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