Graduate students awarded mobility grant to Australia

Computer Science students headed to Oceania in June

17/07/2018 - 08h29
Ramon Pereira, Ramão Tiburski and Roben Lunardi

From left to right: Ramon Pereira, Ramão Tiburski and Roben Lunardi

Three students from the School of Technology’s Graduate Program in Computer Science have been awarded with a mobility grant from the Australia-Americas PhD Research Internship. Ten Brazilian applicants have been selected. The program consists of a two-month internship internship for Doctoral level graduate students from Latin America. Students Ramon Pereira, Ramão Tiburski and Roben Lunardi will have the chance to work with renowned researchers, collaborating in their investigations and receiving support to work on their dissertations.

Professor Dr Felipe Meneguzzi claims that the best thing about it is that students can come in contact with students from a country that is recognized by the excellence of the research it produces. “Australia has several cultures and an incredible tradition of internationalization. My student will be working with one of the exponents of his own area of research and this is such an unprecedented opportunity”, complements he. This is exactly what Pereira, Meneguzzi’s advisee, expects from this exchange. “I want to work on a ground-breaking project in this line of research, and I hope it is good enough for me to continue working with these researchers in the future ”, says he. He studies plan and goal recognition in the real world at the University of Melbourne. He also collaborates in the A.I. and Autonomy Lab. He is also working on his dissertation projects entitled Recognition of Intentions in Incomplete Environments and Recognition of Intentions in Dynamic Systems, suggested by his Australian advisor, professor Dr Miguel Ramírez.

Lunardi, who is advised by Dr Avelino Zorzo, studies Consensus algorithms in blockchain in IoT environments at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney. The student’s main objective is to strengthen the partnership with the study group UNSW – Sydney, which began late last year. “I hope to learn how research is carried out at UNSW and in Australia in general. I am also interested in the educational system. I want to become a better researcher and professor and study new partnerships for the future of my academic life”, plans he. He claims that being able to understand the culture of the country and the specific aspects of everyday life in Sydney have been very rewarding. “From a professional point of view, it has been amazing, since I have the chance to work at a University that is recognized all over the world and also because I want to develop solid group research”, says he.

Tiburski, who is advised by Dr Fabiano Hessel, will also work on his dissertation and carry out tests in the area of security and internet of things. In June, he headed to the city of Geelong, which is home to Deakin University. “It’s been great. I go to the university every day and the research has been very useful for my dissertation. I hope to be able to explore the resources further”, adds he.


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