Production Engineering

Graduates from PUCRS’ Production Engineering program are trained to identify, design and solve problems related to design, operation and management of productive resources of systems for the production of goods and services. All of these activities must take into consideration the human, economic, social and environmental aspects, with an ethical and humanistic vision, in response to the demands of society.

More specifically, Production Engineers will:

  • Evaluate and integrate physical, human, financial, environmental and organizational resources, to allow production with maximum efficiency, considering the possibility of continuous improvements;
  • Use mathematics and statistics to model production systems and assist in decision making;
  • Design, implement and improve Production Engineering systems, products and processes, in view of the technical, ethical and social contexts of application;
  • Anticipate and analyze demands, select technologies and know-how, by designing products and production processes or improving their characteristics and functionality;
  • Incorporate quality concepts and techniques throughout the production system, both in its technological and organizational aspects, thus improving products and processes and producing control and auditing standards and procedures;
  • Keep up with technological advances, and organize them according to the demands of companies and society;
  • Understand the interaction of production systems with the environment, both with regard to the use of scarce resources and the final disposal of residues and waste, in view of sustainability;
  • Use and structure performance indicators, and evaluate the economic and financial viability of projects;
  • Manage and optimize the information flow in companies using appropriate technologies.

Other highlights of the program include:

  • An integrated curriculum: production management, quality, economic management, ergonomics and occupational safety, product engineering, operational research, strategy and organizations, information and knowledge systems, technology management and environmental management;
  • Involvement and participation of students in scientific activities and in the organization of Production Engineering events;
  • Promotion of extension activities, and the offer of professional development courses and technical visits to companies that have technological aggregate in the various areas of Production Engineering;
  • Prospecting of opportunities for the development of practical activities in the business environment, in practicum courses and supervised internship;
  • Identification of academic mobility alternatives with agreements for student exchanges with institutions overseas.
1 98005-04 Engineering Project and Conception
1 98F41-04 Calculus 1
1 98B01-04 Technical Drawing I
1 98D36-06 Mechanics and Waves
2 98006-02 Computing and Problem Solving
2 98F42-04 Calculus 2
2 98D37-06 Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
2 98E08-04 General Chemistry
2 95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
3 98007-04 Special Projects Laboratory I
3 4443S-04 Materials Science
3 98F35-04 Calculus 3
3 98103-02 Solid Mechanics
3 98602-02 Planning – Products and Services
3 98603-02 Business Planning and Organization in Engineering
3 95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4 98607-04 Product and Process Ergonomics
4 98F36-04 Inferential Statistics
4 98606-02 Fundamentals of Production Systems
4 44295-04 Fluid Mechanics
4 98608-04 Economic Modeling of Production Systems
4 98609-04 Operations Research
4 98605-02 Quality Systems
5 980E5-24 Elective Courses
5 4471X-02 Engineering Economics
5 98637-02 Service Engineering
5 98614-04 Product Engineering
5 98613-04 Modeling and Simulation of Production Systems
5 98612-04 Production and Materials: Planning and Control
5 98610-02 Continuous Production Processes
5 98611-02 Fabrication and Assembly Processes
6 98008-04 Special Projects Laboratory II
6 98616-04 Quality Certifications and Method
6 98F37-04 Advanced Statistics
6 98617-02 Production Process Laboratory
6 98619-04 Advanced Operations Research
6 98618-02 Lean Production Systems
7 98309-02 Applied Electricity
7 98010-02 Safety Engineering and Professional Legislation
7 98636-02 Supervised Internship – Production Engineering (190 hours)
7 98622-02 Supply Chain Modeling
7 98623-04 Production Flow Models
7 98638-04 Experiment Project – Engineering
7 98621-04 Cost Management Systems
8 98627-04 Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
8 98624-02 Energy Efficiency of Production Systems
8 98625-04 Advanced Engineering Economics
8 98639-04 Quality Engineering and Metrology
8 98626-04 Logistics of Production Systems
8 98500-02 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
9 98009-04 Special Projects Laboratory III
9 98630-02 Cost Assessment in Services
9 98907-02 Engineering and Knowledge Management
9 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
9 98629-02 Undergraduate Project I – Production Engineering
9 98632-04 Production Systems Project
9 98631-02 Information Systems in Production Engineering
10 98019-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
10 98634-02 Strategic Assessment and Multiple-Criteria Analysis
10 94209-02 Economics for Engineers
10 98402-02 Environmental Engineering
10 98635-02 Undergraduate Project II – Production Engineering
10 98640-02 Digital Transformation
10 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness