Physics: Teaching Degree

The Teaching Degree is intended to produce Physics teachers. Its curriculum has been designed to provide a strong basis in Physics, not only for teaching but also for the pursuit of graduate studies.
1 42240-04 Astronomy
95300-04 Differential and Integral Calculus I
4116F-02 Analytic Geometry
42227-02 Physics Seminars
42214-04 Topics in Classical Physics
42219-04 Topics in Contemporary Physics
2 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus II
95301-04 Differential and Integral Calculus III
42258-04 Fluids and Thermodynamics
4223A-06 Classical Mechanics I
4311P-04 General Chemistry
15091-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science
3 4621L-04 Computing and Troubleshooting I
4115R-04 Differential and Integral Calculus IV
4222R-06 Electricity and Magnetism
1445D-04 Basic Education Organization and Policies
42228-02 Physics Research I
4222C-04 Optics and Waves
4 1426J-04 Didactics
4220R-06 Differential Equations and Integral Transforms
95305-04 Modern Physics
4222B-04 Classical Mechanics II
42229-02 Physics Research II
1432K-02 Educational Psychology: Development
4115S-02 Matrix Algebra
5 42259-12 Elective course
4221E-06 Quantum Physics
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4222D-04 Instrumentation and Measurements
4221A-04 Methodology and Practice in Physics Teaching (140 Hours)
4222E-02 Physics Research III
1432L-04 Educational Psychology: Learning
42278-04 Electromagnetic Theory
6 4222H-04 Nuclear and Particle Physics
4222F-04 Theoretical and Computational Physics
4221B-04 Physics Teaching Practicum I (180 Hours)
4222A-02 Theory of Relativity
42288-04 Thermodynamics
7 422XY-00 Complementary Activities (200 Hours)
42262-04 Solid-State Physics
4221D-04 Preparation for Physics Teaching
1216C-04 Brazilian Sign Language
42292-02 Statistical Mechanics
42243-04 Origins and Development of Physics
4221C-04 Physics Teaching Practicum II (180 Hours)