Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering whose professional training is divided into five major areas:

  • Materials: In this area, all materials used in Engineering, including metals, polymers, ceramics, biomaterials, semiconductors and composites are objects of study. The course will, then, establish the relationships between structure, properties and processing, as well as the techniques of analysis and characterization of materials.
  • Fabrication Processes: In this area, all manufacturing processes of interest to Engineering, such as casting, machining, lathe turning, forging, flacking, wiredrawing, extrusion, welding and others, as well as the systems, management and automation of manufacture will be studied.
  • Thermal Fluid and Energy: Topics such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, combustion, energy planning and pollution control and prevention, including refrigeration and air conditioning systems, boilers, turbines, compressors, engines and thermal machines, as well as fuels and renewable energies, including the design and development of equipment and components, will be studied.
  • Mechanical Project and Computational Mechanics: Topics such as conceptual design, creation, design and calculation of machines and products, including the selection of materials, the detailed study of the parts that make up the machines, their maintenance and their lubrication, in addition to the use of numerical methods. and computational, applied and experimental mechanics, and the control of mechanical systems, will be studied.
  • Automation and Industrial Control: Topics such as automation in industry, design and construction of robots, vibration analysis and industrial electronics are studied. Other topics include: the development of methods applied to mechatronic devices and mechanical structures, involving adaptive and robust control methods, monitoring and diagnostic systems, control of non-linear systems and application of artificial intelligence techniques.

In addition to these areas, graduates can work in environmental, social, economic and administrative areas.

1 98005-04 Engineering Project and Conception
1 98F41-04 Calculus 1
1 98B01-04 Technical Drawing I
1 98D36-06 Mechanics and Waves
2 98006-02 Computing and Problem Solving
2 98F42-04 Calculus 2
2 98D37-06 Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
2 98E08-04 General Chemistry
2 95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
3 98007-04 Special Projects Laboratory I
3 4443S-04 Materials Science
3 98F35-04 Calculus 3
3 98203-02 Computer-Aided Mechanical Project Design (CAD)
3 980E5-24 Elective courses
3 98201-02 Instrumentation and Basic Electronics
3 98F38-02 Introduction to Statistics
3 98202-02 Metrology
4 98F39-04 Calculus 4
4 98309-02 Applied Electricity
4 4471X-02 Engineering Economics
4 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4 4444A-04 Metallic Materials
4 98205-04 Non Metallic Materials
4 98012-04 Thermodynamics I
5 4444D-02 Casting
5 4444J-04 Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machines
5 98013-06 Fluid Mechanics
5 98222-04 Solid Mechanics I
5 4444M-04 Welding
5 98207-04 Machining
6 98008-04 Special Projects Laboratory II
6 98209-02 Mechanical Forming Processes
6 98223-04 Solid Mechanics II
6 98224-04 Numerical Methods for Engineering
6 98014-06 Heat Transfer
6 4444R-04 Mechanical Vibrations
7 98218-02 Fault and Corrosion Analysis
7 98217-02 Computational Fluid Dynamics
7 98213-04 Machine Elements and Applied Resistance
7 98225-02 Solid Mechanics III
7 98211-02 Internal Combustion Engines
7 98210-04 Fluid Mechanics Systems and Compressors
7 98212-02 Heat Exchangers
8 98219-04 Automotive Systems Engineering
8 98215-02 Steam Generation and Use
8 98214-04 Computational Solid Mechanics
8 98220-02 Lifting and Transport Machines
8 4445U-04 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
8 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness
9 98009-04 Special Projects Laboratory III
9 44654-04 Classic Industrial Automation
9 4445V-02 Supervised Internship – Mechanical Engineering (190 Hours)
9 4445L-02 Computer-Aided Manufacturing
9 4445W-04 Mechanical Project
9 98216-04 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
10 98020-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
10 98010-02 Safety Engineering and Professional Legislation
10 98015-02 Industrial Quality Management
10 4445A-02 Industrial Maintenance
10 98226-02 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
10 4446A-02 Thesis – Mechanical Engineering