Mathematics: Corporate Mathematics

The School of Technology offers the majors in Mathematics – Teaching Degree (4/111) and Business Mathematics (4/112). The programs address theory, practice and mandatory internships, as well as complementary activities and elective courses

During the program, students will have the opportunity to have teaching and business practices, develop research or teaching projects, and activities at the Science and Technology Museum – MCT, at the Science and Technology Park of PUCRS – Tecnopuc, or in the Graduate Program in Sciences and Mathematics Education – EDUCEM. All the courses are offered in the evening.

The goal of the program is to prepare professionals with a solid background in mathematics, statistics, algorithms, computer programming, Economics and Business to work in public or private companies, develop research and solve problems in management and production. Graduates will be able to go on with their studies, to work in teams and take a critical attitude in face of new ideas and technologies, to communicate and understand mathematics, establishing relationships between this and other areas. Graduates from this program can work in banks, public agencies, industrial and other businesses.

1 4116A-06 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics
1 98F03-04 Plane Geometry
1 4116C-04 Introduction to Mathematics Research
1 4115L-02 Discrete Mathematics (Information Systems)
1 4110R-04 Mathematical Finance
2 4116W-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
2 98F41-04 Calculus 1
2 48305-02 Geometric Drawing
2 4114L-12 Elective Courses
2 4611C-06 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
2 41172-04 Geometry II
2 4116D-04 Mathematical Logic
3 4645G-04 Algorithms and Data Structure I
3 98F42-04 Calculus 2
3 4637P-02 Fundamentals of Computing
3 4116F-02 Analytic Geometry
3 4114G-04 Algebra A
4 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus III
4 2515G-04 Economics
4 254AA-02 Business Budgeting
4 95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4 4210E-04 Topics in Classical Physics
4 4114H-04 Algebra B
5 4115R-04 Differential and Integral Calculus IV
5 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
5 4115U-02 Introduction to Actuarial Science
5 4470E-04 Operations Research I
5 4210F-02 Topics in Modern Physics
5 4114P-04 Linear Algebra
6 4120P-04 Advanced Statistics
6 4116L-04 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
6 95305-04 Applied Mathematics
6 254BT-04 Business Planning
6 4116M-02 Complex Variables
7 4116R-04 Mathematical Analysis
7 4113S-04 Numerical Calculus A
7 254BX-04 Financial Market
7 4470M-04 Operations Research II
8 4116V-02 Introduction to Differential Geometry
8 4116U-04 Mathematical Modeling
8 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness