Electrical Engineering: Electronics

The new line of training in Electronics allows students to learn to develop and integrate systems, equipment and electronic devices for general and industrial consumption. The curriculum includes courses on Microprocessors, Reconfigurable Devices, VHDL Language, Firmware in C\C++ Language, Electrical Circuits, Electronic Devices, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Instrumentation and Signal Acquisition, Antennas and Communication Systems Digital and Analog. That is, the most modern technologies on the market.

Students will optimize, design, install, maintain and operate electronic, measuring and electro-electronic instrumentation systems; machine drive, control and automation and data communication systems; embedded and biomedical systems; audio and video; wired and wireless telecommunications facilities and equipment; internal, external, digital and analog communication systems and equipment; radiating systems. Students will also specify, design, select and employ discrete and integrated components and devices, semiconductor, electromagnetic, optical, instrumentation, sensors and actuators. Future graduates may be able to work in the development and integration of electric energy generation, transmission, protection and distribution systems. Lastly, another possibility will be to design residential, commercial and industrial lighting and electrical installation systems.

1 98F41-04 Calculus 1
1 48319-04 Technical Drawing
1 98D05-06 General and Experimental Physics I
1 445AC-02 Introduction to Electrical / Control Engineering
1 4311P-04 General Chemistry
2 4459R-04 Logic Gates I
2 98F42-04 Calculus 2
2 98D06-06 General and Experimental Physics II
2 44591-04 Hardware / Software Integration I
2 4459A-02 Logic Gates Laboratory I
2 95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
3 4459W-04 Logic Gates II
3 4117D-04 Calculus III
3 98D07-06 General and Experimental Physics III
3 445AA-04 Hardware / Software Integration II
3 4459E-02 Logic Gates Laboratory II
3 95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4 4459S-04 Circuit Analysis I
4 4117E-04 Calculus IV
4 445AB-04 Hardware / Software Integration III
4 4459C-02 Circuits Laboratory I
4 95305-04 Applied Mathematics
4 445AG-02 Electric Materials
4 4423H-02 Solid Mechanics
5 4459U-04 Circuit Analysis II
5 4458J-04 Electromagnetic Circuits
5 4481Y-02 Environmental Engineering I
5 44897-02 Transport Phenomena
5 4459V-04 Introduction to Electronic Devices
5 4459D-02 Circuits Laboratory II
5 4459F-02 Electronic Devices Laboratory
5 44630-04 Signals and Systems
6 44632-04 Control System Analysis
6 445HJ-04 Energy Conversion I
6 44653-02 Control Laboratory
6 4459G-02 Processors Laboratory I
6 4459Y-04 Processors I
6 4458K-04 Digital Signal Processing
6 445AH-04 Communication Systems
7 445AM-04 Energy Conversion II
7 445AN-08 Elective Courses
7 445AK-04 Analog Electronics
7 445AF-04 Signal Instrumentation and Acquisition
7 4457R-02 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
7 445AL-02 Analog Electronics Laboratory
7 44633-04 Control System Project
7 445CC-04 Electrical Projects in Homes and Businesses
8 4458P-04 Applied Electronics
8 4457N-02 Supervised Internship – Electrical and Electronic Engineering (190 hours)
8 4459M-02 Applied Electronics Laboratory
8 4458M-04 Waves and Lines
8 445AV-04 Electrical Projects in Industries
8 4452X-04 Electric Energy Systems
8 44590-04 Embedded Systems I
8 44636-04 Digital Control Systems
9 445BL-04 Antennas and Propagation
9 445BN-04 Power Electronics
9 98302-02 Electrical Energy Generation I
9 445BP-02 Power Electronics Laboratory
9 445BM-02 Undergraduate Project I – Electrical and Electronic Engineering
9 445BJ-02 Mobile Technology Projects
9 98301-02 Protection of Electrical Systems I
9 445BH-02 Embedded Systems II
9 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness
10 44028-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
10 44654-04 Classic Industrial Automation
10 98303-04 Electrical Energy Distribution and Transmission I
10 4471X-02 Engineering Economics
10 4471Y-02 Engineering and Occupational Safety
10 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
10 4456C-04 Microelectronics
10 445CA-02 Undergraduate Project II – Electrical and Electronic Engineering
10 4471V-02 Planning and Cost Systems for Engineering