Electrical Engineering: Electrical Energy Systems

The major in Electrical Energy Systems addresses the design, planning and operation of energy systems, for homes, companies, petrochemical industries, metal-mechanical industries, etc.

Students can find work in the planning and operation of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption systems with a focus on the concept of Smart Grids. Students can also design and implement projects for Electrical Installations, Distribution Networks, Transformer Substations, Transmission Lines, Power Generation Plants, Energy Efficiency, Power Quality and Sustainability.

Electrical Engineers working with energy systems will develop, design, implement, maintain and operate installations, machines and electronic devices. They will plan, design, run and implement measurement arrangements and electro-electronic instrumentation, lightning protection systems, electrical grounding, lighting systems and motive power and electrical installations in industries, companies and homes. They will specify, design and oversee machines, equipment, materials, components and electronic devices. They will develop studies, programs and projects for energy management, energy efficiency and the production of electricity through conventional and renewable sources, as well as the sustainable use of electric energy, aiming at the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

1 98F41-04 Calculus 1
1 48319-04 Technical Drawing
1 98D05-06 General and Experimental Physics I
1 445AC-02 Introduction to Electrical / Control Engineering
1 4311P-04 General Chemistry
2 4459R-04 Logic Gates I
2 98F42-04 Calculus 2
2 98D06-06 General and Experimental Physics II
2 44591-04 Hardware / Software Integration I
2 4459A-02 Logic Gates Laboratory I
2 95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
3 4459W-04 Logic Gates II
3 4117D-04 Calculus III
3 98D07-06 General and Experimental Physics III
3 445AA-04 Hardware / Software Integration II
3 4459E-02 Logic Gates Laboratory II
3 95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4 4459S-04 Circuit Analysis I
4 4117E-04 Calculus IV
4 445AB-04 Hardware / Software Integration III
4 4459C-02 Circuits Laboratory I
4 95305-04 Applied Mathematics
4 445AG-02 Electric Materials
4 4423H-02 Solid Mechanics
5 4459U-04 Circuit Analysis II
5 4458J-04 Electromagnetic Circuits
5 4481Y-02 Environmental Engineering I
5 44897-02 Transport Phenomena
5 4459V-04 Introduction to Electronic Devices
5 4459D-02 Circuits Laboratory II
5 4459F-02 Laboratory of Electronic Devices
5 44630-04 Signals and Systems
6 44632-04 Control System Analysis
6 445HJ-04 Energy Conversion I
6 44653-02 Control Laboratory
6 4459G-02 Processors Laboratory I
6 4459Y-04 Processors I
6 4458K-04 Digital Signal Processing
6 445AH-04 Communication Systems
7 445AM-04 Energy Conversion II
7 445AN-08 Elective Courses
7 445AK-04 Analog Electronics
7 445AF-04 Signal Instrumentation and Acquisition
7 4457R-02 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
7 445AL-02 Analog Electronics Laboratory
7 44633-04 Control System – Project
7 445CC-04 Electrical Projects in Homes and Businesses
8 445BN-04 Power Electronics
8 4457N-02 Supervised Internship – Electrical Energy Systems (190 hours)
8 98302-02 Electrical Energy Generation I
8 445AP-04 Management of Electrical Energy Systems
8 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
8 445BP-02 Power Electronics Laboratory
8 445AV-04 Electrical Projects in Industries
8 4452X-04 Electric Energy Systems
9 445BA-04 Machine Drive and Control
9 445AY-04 Short Circuit and Stability of Electrical Systems
9 98303-04 Electrical Energy Distribution and Transmission I
9 445BF-04 Energy Efficiency
9 98306-04 Electrical Energy Generation II
9 445BM-02 Undergraduate Project I – Electrical Energy Systems
9 98301-02 Protection of Electrical Systems I
9 445BE-02 Smart Electrical Networks I: Fundamentals
10 44028-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
10 98308-04 Electrical Energy Distribution and Transmission II
10 4471X-02 Engineering Economics
10 4471Y-02 Engineering and Occupational Safety
10 445CA-02 Undergraduate Project II – Electrical Energy Systems
10 98307-02 Electrical Energy Generation Systems – Projects
10 98305-02 Power System Protection II
10 98304-02 Electrical Energy Quality
10 445BU-02 Smart Electrical Networks II: Applications
10 4471V-02 Planning and Cost Systems for Engineering
10 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness