The goal of the Chemistry program (Teaching) is to provide training to future public and private Elementary, Middle and High School teachers.

Graduates from the program stand out for their high-quality training. The program’s curriculum has been designed to allow students to come into contact with the job market since the very beginning and allows students to go on to pursue graduate degrees. Graduates from the program can work in colleges and universities as long as they have a Master’s or PhD. The program has a length of seven semesters.

1 95300-04 Calculus I
1 98D05-06 General and Experimental Physics I
1 1432K-02 Educational Psychology: Development
1 4310T-06 General and Inorganic Chemistry I
1 4313L-06 Organic Chemistry I
2 95301-04 Calculus II
2 1445D-04 Organization and Policies of Basic Education
2 1432L-04 Educational Psychology: Learning
2 4321E-06 Analytical Chemistry I
2 4313M-04 General and Inorganic Chemistry II
2 4313N-06 Organic Chemistry II
3 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus III
3 1426J-04 Didactics
3 98D07-06 General and Experimental Physics III
3 95400-04 Physical Chemistry I
3 4321F-06 Analytical Chemistry II
3 43163-04 Organic Chemistry III
3 4313T-02 Teaching Practicum – Chemistry I (60 hours)
4 4311X-12 Elective Courses
4 43172-04 Physical Chemistry II
4 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4 1216C-04 Brazilian Sign Language
4 4313U-06 Inorganic Chemistry I and Mineralogy
4 4313V-02 Teaching Practicum – Chemistry II (60 hours)
5 43173-06 Physical Chemistry III
5 4313W-02 History of Chemistry
5 4312L-04 Chemistry Teaching Methodology
5 4312R-06 Inorganic Chemistry II and Mineralogy
5 4313Y-02 Teaching Practicum – Chemistry III (60 hours)
6 4312A-04 Teaching Projects in Chemistry
6 4314B-04 Chemistry Teaching Practice I (120 hours)
6 43280-04 Biological Chemistry
6 4314A-04 Inorganic Chemistry III and Mineralogy
7 4314C-04 Chemistry Teaching Practice II (120 hours)
7 4313P-04 Environmental Chemistry
7 15091-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science
8 4314D-00 Complementary Activities (200 hours)