Chemistry: Industrial Chemistry

The Chemistry – Industrial Chemistry program trains students to develop chemical activities in industries, research centers and public bodies. These students can also work as consultants, assistants and technical specialists. The program has a length of 8 semesters.

Bachelors of Chemistry – Industrial Chemistry can work in the development and research of processes and products and analysis and quality control, for production and inspection. They can work in the food, lumber and leather industries, as well as cleaning products, polymers, fabrics, beverages, metallic and non-metallic mineral products, petrochemical products industries, among others.

1 95300-04 Calculus I
1 98D05-06 General and Experimental Physics I
1 4310T-06 General and Inorganic Chemistry I
1 4313L-06 Organic Chemistry I
2 95301-04 Calculus II
2 4321E-06 Analytical Chemistry I
2 4313M-04 General and Inorganic Chemistry II
2 4313N-06 Organic Chemistry II
3 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus III
3 98D07-06 General and Experimental Physics III
3 95400-04 Physical Chemistry I
3 43289-02 Chemical Industry Hygiene and Safety
3 4321F-06 Analytical Chemistry II
3 43163-04 Organic Chemistry III
4 4320S-02 Chemometric Analysis
4 4311X-12 Elective Courses
4 43172-04 Physical Chemistry II
4 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4 4320R-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I
4 4313U-06 Inorganic Chemistry I and Mineralogy
5 4320B-06 Mass and Energy Balance in Chemical Industries
5 48319-04 Technical Drawing
5 43173-06 Physical Chemistry III
5 4320U-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry II
5 4320V-04 Polymer Chemistry
5 4312R-06 Inorganic Chemistry II and Mineralogy
6 4320Y-04 Physical Chemistry IV
6 4320C-06 Processes and Operations in Chemical Industries
6 4320W-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry III
6 43280-04 Biological Chemistry
6 4314A-04 Inorganic Chemistry III and Mineralogy
6 4321A-06 Industrial Organic Synthesis
7 2510N-02 Economics for Chemical Industries
7 4320D-04 Technological Chemistry I
7 4313P-04 Environmental Chemistry
7 15091-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science
8 4314E-00 Complementary Activities (105 hours)
8 4321D-04 Supervised Internship (120 hours)
8 4321C-04 Food Processing and Technology
8 4320E-04 Technological Chemistry II