Aeronautical Sciences

The Aeronautical Sciences program began its operation in 1993 in partnership with Varig S.A. Up until then, the training of prospective pilots was essentially technical. However, program idealizers believed this training should be more comprehensive. The program was the first of its kind in Latin America and is still a reference for technical and operational excellence in the training of civilian pilots in Brazil and abroad.

The program is offered in (7) semesters. The program includes both theoretical and practical insights, offered on PUCRS’ Main Campus. All rooms are equipped with modern teaching resources and support infrastructure. The practicum module includes simulated flights in specific laboratories. Successful completion of the practicum module will entitle students to a Commercial Airplane Pilot License, Instrument Flight License and Multiengine Aircraft License. The integration of theory into practice allows students to finish their training and get into the job market, including in the largest national aviation companies.

The teaching staff faculty includes professionals of academic excellence, with extensive experience in different sectors of the aeronautical industry, who are passionate about aviation. In this scenario, the training goes hand in hand with the most recent demands of the job market.

1 98A02-02 Aviation English I
1 98A00-01 Professional Development I
1 98A03-04 Statistics for Aeronautical Sciences
1 98A05-02 Academic Writing for Aeronautical Sciences
1 98A07-06 Physics for Aeronautical Sciences
1 98A08-04 History of Aviation and International Policy
1 98A01-02 Aerospace Medicine
1 98A04-02 Civil Aviation System
1 98A06-02 VFR Flying Techniques
2 98A0F-02 Aviation English II
2 98A09-04 Aircraft Technical Knowledge
2 98A0E-04 Aircraft Accident Prevention Management – Module I
2 98A0B-04 Aeronautical Meteorology
2 98A0C-04 IFR Flights – Module I
2 98A0D-04 Aeronautical Regulations
2 98A0A-04 Theory of Low-Speed Flight
3 98A0L-02 Aviation English III
3 98A0H-01 PC / IFR Theory
3 98A0I-02 National Aeronautical Phraseology
3 98A0K-04 Aircraft Accident Prevention Management – Module II
3 98A0N-03 IFR Flights – Module II
3 98A0G-04 Performance, Weight and Balance – Module I
3 98A0J-05 Aviation Systems and Engines
3 98A0M-02 IFR Flying Techniques
3 1501A-04 Ethics and Civic Consciousness
4 98A0U-02 Aviation English IV
4 98A0R-24 Elective course
4 98A0S-02 International Aeronautical Phraseology
4 98A0O-04 Aviation Management
4 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4 98A0P-03 Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health
4 98A0T-00 Flight Simulator Practice – IFR / Single Engine
4 98A0Q-02 Multiengine Flying Techniques
5 98A0Y-04 General and Corporate Aviation
5 98A10-03 Aviation Law
5 98A11-04 Crew Resource Management – CRM
5 98A0V-02 Introduction to Aviation Sciences Research
5 98A0X-00 Flight Simulator Practice – Multiengine
5 98A0W-02 Technical English For Pilots
5 98A0Z-02 Theory of High-Speed Flight
6 98A17-02 Aviation English V
6 98A12-04 Avionics
6 98A15-02 Flight Operations Structure
6 98A19-01 Commercial Pilot License – Aircraft, IFR / Multiengine
6 98A16-00 Multi Crew Cooperation Training
6 98A18-02 Performance, Weight and Balance – Module II
6 98A14-04 Operational Safety Management System
6 98A13-02 Final Project – Module 1
7 980Q1-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
7 98A1G-01 Airline Transport Pilot – Certification
7 98A1C-01 Professional Development II
7 98A1D-05 Flight Instructor Training
7 98A1F-00 Jet Training
7 98A1A-02 Language as a Human Factor
7 98A1E-02 Final Project – Module 2
7 98A1B-02 Jet Operating Technique