Walter Filgueira de Azevedo Junior

Schools: School of Health and Life Sciences
Graduate Programs: Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program


I graduated in Physics (BSc in Physics) from the University of São Paulo (USP) in 1990. I completed a Master Degree in Applied Physics also from the USP (1992), working under the supervision of Prof. Yvonne P. Mascarenhas. My dissertation was about X-ray crystallography applied to organometallics compounds ( During my Ph.D., I worked under the supervision of Prof. Sung-Hou Kim (University of California, Berkeley), on a split Ph.D. program with a fellowship from Brazilian Research Council (CNPq)(1993-1996). My Ph.D. was about the crystallographic structure of CDK2 ( In 1997, I started the Laboratory of Biomolecular Systems- Department of Physics-UNESP - São Paulo State University. In 2005, I moved to Porto Alegre/RS (Brazil), where I am now. My current position is the coordinator of the Laboratory of Structural Biochemistry Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). My research interests are interdisciplinary with two major emphases: Bio-inspired computing and Computational Systems Biology. I published over 170 scientific papers about protein structures and computer simulation methods applied to the study of biological systems (H-index: 40). These publications have over 5000 citations. More information at

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