Tatiana Quarti Irigaray

Schools: School of Health and Life Sciences
Graduate Programs: Psychology Graduate Program


Tatiana Quarti Irigaray has a scholarship level 2 of productivity by CNPq. She holds a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Tatiana has a specialization in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Psychological Evaluation and Neuropsychology by Hospital de Clínicas in Porto Alegre. The researcher holds a PhD in Biomedical Gerontology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). Furthermore, she has a postdoctoral in Psychology by PUCRS. Tatiana is also the coordinator of the Research group on Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Human-Animal Interaction (ARIHA). She has experience in the area of Clinical Psychology, with emphasis in Psychological Assessment, Neuropsychological Assessment, Rehabilitation and Gerontology. The researcher is also interested in the validation and standardization of psychological and control tools relevant for human-animal interaction, considering behaviors, pathologies and personality and cognitive aspects. Moreover, she is a member of the research group of Psychological Evaluation of ANPEPP, and reviewer of the System of Evaluation of Psychological Tests (SATEPSI). Tatiana also has a research cooperation with International researchers (University of Valencia, among others) and national (IMED, among others)

Areas of interest


Concentration Areas and Lines Research


- Assessment and psychological interventions in mental health


- Cognition, brain and behavior

Research Structures

Research Group

- Psychological Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Human-Animal Interaction (ARIHA)