Ricardo Timm de Souza

Schools: School of Humanities
Graduate Programs: Languages, Linguistics and Literature Graduate Program Philosophy Graduate Program
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Ricardo Timm de Souza (born in Farroupilha, Brazil, 1962) is Musician and Humanities (Philosophy) Titular Professor at the Post-Graduation programs in Philosophy and Literature (Creative Writing) at PUCRS, Porto Alegre. Doctor in Philosophy (Dr. phil.) at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany, 1994) with the Thesis “Wenn das Unendliche in die Welt des Subjekts und der Geschichte einfällt - ein metaphänomenologischer Versuch über das ethische Unendliche bei Emmanuel Levinas”, translator og Franz Rosenzweig in portuguese, author of 25 books and about 200 articles, book chapters, translations and other bibliographical production. Founding member of the Brazilian Society of Phenomenology, the Brazilian Center of Studies on the Thinking of E. Levinas, and of the Internationale-Rosenzweig-Gesellschaft. Has experience in Philosophy and Literature, acting specially on the following subjects: Ethics, Aesthetics, Levinas, Adorno, Rosenzweig, Derrida, Bergson, Bloch, Benjamin, Spinoza, Kafka, Canetti, T. Mann, phenomenology, alterity, Hebrew thought, Latin-American philosophy, animal ethics, philosophy and music, philosophy and psychoanalysis, philosophy of history, political philosophy, philosophy and criminology, and justice. For further information please access the official curriculum at https://wwws.cnpq.br/cvlattesweb/PKG_MENU.menu?f_cod=4985DF2A3C967F20FA64C1A11E8B28E6#. www.timmsouza.blogspot.com.br .

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Creative Writing

- Literary-Linguistic Foundations of Language

Creative Writing

- Reading, Creation and Literary System

Ethics and Political Philosophy

- Ethics Principles

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- Critical Theories of Literature

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- Ética, Desconstrução e Contemporaneidade II