Joao Bernardes Da Rocha Filho

Schools: School of Technology
Graduate Programs: Education in Science and Mathematics Graduate Program
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Degree in Mathematics (Claretiano / SP, 2018). Bachelor in Philosophy (Unisul / SC, 2015). Post-Doctor in Teaching of Sciences (Faculty of Education / PUC Chile, 2012). Specialist in Psychosomatic (Facis / SP, 2002). PhD in Engineering, Metrology and Instrumentation (Labmetro / UFSC, 1999). Master in Education (Faced / Pucrs, 1994). Specialist in Methodology of Universitary Education (Faced / Pucrs, 1991). Degree in Physics (Fafis / Pucrs, 1989). Technician in Clinical Analyzes (CSA / RS, 1978). Technician in Electronics (IM / SP, 1974). A full time professor in the Pucrs School of Sciences and a permanent professor in the Postgraduate Program in Education in Science and Mathematics (PPGEducem / Pucrs). He worked as a metrologist in Electricity and Time and Attendance at Labelo / Pucrs, as a certified professor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul's Education Department (Seduc / RS), private schools of basic education and postgraduation courses from the Brazilian Society of Psycho-Oncology (SBPO) and the Brazilian Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (ABMP).

Areas of interest

No area of ​​interest registered at the time.


Concentration Areas and Lines Research

Scientific Education

- Learning, teaching and teacher education on Science and Mathematics

Scientific Education

- Tecnology in Science and Mathematics Education