Fabiano Passuelo Hessel

Schools: School of Technology
Graduate Programs: Computer Sciences Graduate Program


Fabiano Hessel is Full Professor of Computer Science at PUCRS (Brazil) - School of Technology, Research Productivity Scholarship from CNPq. He was Advisor in the Office of the PUCRS Vice-President for Innovation, Research and Development. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Joseph-Fourier University, France (2000). He is the head of Embedded System Group (GSE) and the Coordinator of the Smart City Research and Innovation Center at PUCRS and Coordinator of the FAPERGS advisory committee for the areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation. Professor Hessel is member of the IEEE and of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). He also participates in the IEEE IoT and Smart Cities interest groups. He was the Associate Editor of the ACM Transaction on Embedded Computer Systems, General Chair and/or Program Chair of IEEE RSP, CBSEC and IEEE RFID Brasil, and Brazil and South America Representative of ISQED (International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design) . He participates in several technical/program committees of prestigious conferences and journals. He had several publications in prestigious conferences and journals, book chapters and books. His research interests are embedded systems, RTOS and MPSoC systems applied to Internet of Things and Sustainable+SmartCities.

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Computer Science

- Embedded Systems and Digital Systems

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- Embedded System Group (GSE)

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- GSE Laboratory