Denise Pires Fincato

Schools: Law School
Graduate Programs: Law Graduate Program


Researcher professor of the Program of Post-Graduation Studies in Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul and coordinator of research Group of New Technologies: Process and Labor Relations – PUCRS / CNPq. Coordinates several research projects that investigate the influence of technology on work relations, emphasizing matters related to teleworking, automation and labor reform. Lawyer in labor and social security law. Member of the court of the ethics and discipline and counselor of the Brazilian bar association (OAB/RS). Ph.D on Labor Law at Universidad Complutense de Madrid/España. Ph.D in Law at Universidad de Burgos. Also has a Master’s in law (UNISINOS , Brazil) and is an expert in management and strategic planning for educational staff (ULBRA, Brazil), distance learning (UNED/España) and art and communication (UNISINOS, Brazil). Bachelor of laws at UNISINOS/Brazil.

Areas of interest


Concentration Areas and Lines Research

Constitutional Principles of Public and Private Law

- Law, Science, Technology & Innovation

General Theory of Jurisdiction and Proceedings

- Jurisdiction, Effectiveness and Instrumentality of the Proceedings

Research Structures

Research Group

- New Technologies and Labor Relations