Antonio Carlos Hohlfeldt

Schools: School of Communications, Arts and Design
Graduate Programs: Languages, Linguistics and Literature Graduate Program Social Communication Graduate Program
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PH in Literature and PD in Journalism (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal). Researcher from CNPq. Member of the IHGRGS. Professor at the PPG in Communication and at the PPG in Literature. Former President of the INTERCOM, Actually is the vice-President of the ALCAR and International Relations of the Rede FOLKCOM. Co-author from "Teorias da comunicação", (Vozes, 2001).

Areas of interest


Concentration Areas and Lines Research

Communication Practices and Culture

- Culture and Technologies of Images and of the Imaginary

Communication Practices and Culture

- Policies and Professional Practices in Communications

Creative Writing

- Reading, Creation and Literary System

Theory of Literature

- Literary-Linguistic Foundations of Language

Theory of Literature

- Literature, History and Memory

Research Structures

Research Group

- History of Luso-Brazilian Journalism

Research Group

- History of the Press in Rio Grande do Sul

Research Core

- Research Nucleus on Communication Science (NUPPEC)