Alexandre Vontobel Padoin

Schools: School of Medicine
Graduate Programs: Medicine and Health Sciences Graduate Program


Graduated in Medicine at UFRGS. Surgery residency at São Lucas Hospital, PUCRS. Master and PhD in the Graduate Program in Medicine and Health Sciences PUCRS.Adjunct Professor T40 at the School of Medicine, PUCRS, Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Medicine and Health Sciences, PUCRS.Research lines in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, and Videolaparoscopy.

Areas of interest


Concentration Areas and Lines Research

Medical Practice

- Clinical Epidemiology

Surgical Practice

- Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Surgical Practice

- Videolaparoscopic Surgery

Research Structures

Research Group

- Obesidade Mórbida e Síndrome Metabólica

Research Core

- Nucleus of research on robotic surgery