10/04/2019 - 10h28

School of Medicine opens doors to postdoctoral researcher through PUCRS-PrInt

Augusto Uberti to study relationship between microbial ureases and neurodegenerative diseases


Photo: Thais Gonçalves

Dr Augusto Uberti is set to begin working on his postdoctoral research at PUCRS as a PUCRS-PrInt (Call 04/2019 – Young Talent and Postdoctoral Research with Experience Abroad) fellow later this month. Uberti will be working under the cooperation project Biopsychosocial Aspects Associated with an Individual’s Health in Adult Life, coordinated by Professor Dr Tatiana Quarti Irigaray and associated with the priority area Health in Human Development.

This specific program has been designed to attract experienced researchers, either Brazilian or international, who have relevant production in their areas. As he worked on his PhD in Biology, Uberti interned at the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Mechanisms of Thrombosis, at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), in France, and did a doctoral internship at the Institute of pathology and Molecular Immunology, at the Universidade do Porto, in Portugal.

To his mind, it is very important to work with international researchers in order to look at what is being done in Brazil from a different perspective. This includes research funding, teaching methodologies and full-time dedication to work. “I believe I am much more capable to do research in a straightforward and objective way, as I focus on the things that I want to use at PUCRS. I hope to share these experiences with the graduate students in our laboratory and other students in the program as well”, Uberti adds.

Plans and expectations

Augusto Uberti to study relationship between microbial ureases and neurodegenerative diseases He claims that there is a correlation between infection by bacteria Helicobacter pylori between early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

“We’ll be investigating whether H. pylori urease plays a role in the progression of the disease. This investigation will also be looking at the possible relationship between the severity of bacterial meningitis in newborns at the São Lucas Hospital and how much urease is produced by bacteria that cause the infection”, he adds. In his view, the bacteria that produce urease can be more aggressive that those that do not produce it.

Uberti is expected to assist students in the Graduate Program of Medicine and Health Sciences  (PPGMCS), of the School of Medicine in the production of their theses and dissertations. He is also to assist Professor Célia Carlini in her graduate courses and laboratory activities.


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