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Professor of the Graduate Program in Psychology goes on Spain mission

Professor of the Graduate Program in Psychology goes on Spain mission


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During the 2nd International Week for Teaching Staff, in Spain, the Professor of the Graduate Program in Psychology, Dr Tatiana Quarti Irigaray brought the partnership between PUCRS and Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Màrtir (UCV) to a higher level. The existing partnership has been around since 2013. Dr Carmen Moret Tatay, UCV faculty, who is now accredited to teach at PUCRS, coordinated the activity with over 120 students and 20 professors from different universities from the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Spain. Tatiana collaborates with the cooperation project, Study of the neuropsychology of aging and molecular mechanisms related to neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly, coordinated by Professor Carla Schwanke.

The collaborative efforts between PUCRS, UCV and College Cork resulted in research projects to discover new ways to detect early cognitive impairment in the elderly. Researchers are still working on the collection of data and the three institutions should continue to work together in the project.

Dr. Carmen spent 15 days as a Visiting Professor at PUCRS in December. She taught a course, gave lectures and attended meetings with members of the research group. Other UCV researchers expressed interest in participating as guest lecturers at PUCRS and establishing collaborative partnerships.

Academic production


Photo: Personal archive

Tatay’s visit included visits to several departments at the institution. She also got involved in discussions on the possibility of offering academic mobility programs for PUCRS and UCV students. The exchanges would be advised by Dr Irigaray and would allow for graduate students to do research in Spain.

At the event, researchers finished working on a number of articles to be published in international journals. At last, several UCV researchers showed interest in collaborating and learning about PUCRS. This partnership has resulted in more than ten other articles, two of which have been accepted for publication. A number of book chapters have been published as well.


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