10/12/2021 - 09h01

Belgium mission brings possibilities for School of Humanities

Alexandre Guilherme strengthened relations with KU Leuven in PUCRS-PrInt mission

Photo: Personal archive

In Oct 2021, School of Humanities professor, Dr. Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme, went on a mission at KU Leuven, Belgium, under PUCRS-PrInt. The connection Dr. Guilherme made after working with Dr. Joris Vlieghe, from Liverpool Hope University, has allowed him to work on projects and events with researchers from the Laboratory for Education and Society, of the Belgian university.

The mission generated new possibilities for PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Education to connect with the Department of Education at KU Leuven. Dr. Jan Maaschelein and Dr. Joris Vlieghe, from Leuven, demonstrated their intention to develop activities at PUCRS as visiting professors.

Guilherme also introduced the PrInt Program to researchers and PhD students at the Belgian institution, and met with Dr. Maarten Simons (head of internationalization) to establish possibilities for double PhD degrees and mobility for graduate students between the two universities.

On that occasion, the parties resumed discussions on short and long-term research. Dr. Guilherme also met with Dr. Joris Vlieghe’s research group and with members of the Laboratory for Education and Society to discuss theories related to Artificial Intelligence and Education.

Prof. Alexandre Guilherme coordinates the cooperation project Human development: knowledges and practices for a world in motion, under the priority area World in Motion: Individuals and Society.


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