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Biomedical Gerontology
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Aging and Public Health This line of research is intended to study the conditions of life, health and health care received and provided to the elderly, including long-living patients. It is intended to assess primary and secondary health care services, to design of instruments for monitoring access, service routines and care provided to the elderly and long-living patients in the public health care network. Additionally, it will investigate the natural history of diseases and health conditions as well as health prevention and control, in view of the socio-demographic variables, health indicators, life styles, functional capacity, psycho-social competences and quality of life.
Biological Aspects of Aging This line of research is intended for the study of basic biological characteristics that play a role in the process of aging at the molecular, cellular, biochemical, genetic and evolutionary levels, as well as their forms of interaction with environmental factors in animal models and human beings (in vitro and in vivo).
Clinical and Emotional Aspects of Aging This line is geared towards the clinical and epidemiological study of the elderly and aging. Some of the most commonly researched topics are: geriatric syndromes (cognitive impairment, postural instability, immobility, fecal incontinence, iatrogenesis, communication disorder), frailty syndrome, brain aging, mental health, osteomuscular aging, cardiometabolic risk factors and nutrition.
Social-cultural, Demographic and Bioethical Aspects of Aging This line is geared towards the study of social, cultural, economic, demographic and bioethical aspects involved in the process of aging.

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