Our Mission

Establish and nurture a network of practitioners, experts, and champions in the area of internationalization of the curriculum for Latin America through a virtual network. The proposal is a partnership of the Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia, Curtin University and La Trobe University.

Join our community and network and work with us to support a better future for our graduates. Our goal is to provide professionals, practitioners and faculty with a framework contextualised to the Latin American region for designing curriculum, learning, and teaching for curriculum internationalization.

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The Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia, fruit of the joint efforts between PUCRS and the Embassy of Australia in Brazil, aims to become a hub for the internationalization of education for Latin America.

Located at the School of Humanities, the Center aims to promote the development of research on internationalization of education and cooperation activities in education. Additionally, it aims to foster collaboration agreements between PUCRS and educational institutions in Australia, development agencies, technology parks and researchers.

Our Aims

The world our graduates are entering is increasing complex and today’s graduates need to be able to live in and contribute to their local communities and interconnected and interdependent global environment. Our goal is to provide support the development of internationalization of the curriculum by developing resources and professional development opportunities to support universities and staff to prepare all graduates to live as well as work in a global society – a complex interlocking world where the local and the global are increasingly connected (Nussbaum 2002).

Our mission is to connect practitioners and researching in higher education internationalization and internationalization of the curriculum at home, in Latin America, Australia and globally.

What We Are Doing

The Internationalisation of Higher Education in Latin America project is:

Desktop Audit

Undertaking a desktop audit of Latin American University websites and a conducting scoping review of literature and academic publications produced in Latin American to identify current practice in curriculum internationalisation and disseminate these.


Revising, contextualising, and translating into Portuguese and Spanish the Leask IoC in Action internationalisation of the curriculum framework through an e-Delphi study.


Developing a framework for online professional development webinars for staff in universities in Latin America and Australia.


Establishing and nurturing a Latin-American network and virtual community of experts and champions in internationalisation of the curriculum at home.