PUCRS’ Professor gives lecture at University of Oxford

Dr José Luis Ferraro discussed good practices at Science and Technology Museum

23/05/2018 - 09h12

PUCRS made its presence felt at the SUMs Workshop, a conference promoted by the Science University Museum group, on May 21. The event took place at the Museum of Natural History – UOMNH, of the University of Oxford.

SUMs WorkshopDr José Luís Ferraro, who teaches in the Graduate Programs in Education (School of Humanities) and Education in Sciences and Mathematics  (School of Sciences), delivered the lecture Science Dissemination and Outreach in Brazil. He addressed the aspects associated with science education in the country, the good practices in science education developed at the Science and Technology Museum  (MCT-PUCRS) and the need for this type of museum to fulfil its role in scientific literacy and popularization of science.

Representatives from the Universities of Oxford, Manchester, Cambridge and Birmingham made their presences felt, too. The conference featured three international guests and representatives from several British museums. PUCRS, Harvard University  and Universidade do Porto are strategic partners for bringing the discussions and actions to educational practices in science museums to an international level. The SUMs is extremely important for the development of scientific education not only for universities, but also for basic education as more and more teachers will need to be trained in this particular field.

SUMs will meet again in November 2018, at the University of Birmingham. This conference will be a follow-up to the May conference. Some actions have been set forth, such as the development of a project and an activity plan for drawing international funds for the network.


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