This professional will be in charge of activities related to religious and Catholic education in chapels, communities and schools and may develop research in the areas of Theology and Religion.

1 11173-02 Biblical Hebrew
11172-04 Introduction to the Bible and History of Israel
11168-02 Theological Methodology
11171-04 Patrology and Patristics
11167-04 Fundamental Theology: Epistemology
11169-04 Fundamental Moral Theology
2 11170-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
11147-08 Elective Course
11177-04 Old Testament Exegesis: Pentateuch and Historical Books
11178-02 New Testament Greek
11176-04 History of Church: First Millennium
11175-04 Human Morality
11179-04 Seminar on Theology and Science
11174-04 Theology of Revelation
3 11119-04 Christology
11182-04 Old Testament Exegesis: Prophets
11181-04 New Testament Exegesis: Synoptic Gospels
11187-04 History of Church: From Gregory VII to the Council of Trent
11180-04 Social Morality
11190-04 Seminar: Spiritual Theology
4 11195-04 Ecclesiology
11185-04 Old Testament Exegesis: Wisdom Books
11183-04 New Testament Exegesis: Acts and Pauline Epistles
11188-04 History of Church: from the Post-Trent Period to Present Days
11191-04 Seminar: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue
1111J-04 Grace Theology
5 1111A-04 Canon Law: Introduction and Books I and II
11184-04 New Testament Exegesis: Gospel of John and Johannine Epistles
11189-04 Church History: Latin America
1111U-04 Sacraments: Christian Introduction and Initiation
11192-04 Seminar: Missiology and Ministries
1111H-04 Moral Theology: Bioethics
6 11198-04 Theological Anthropology and Eschatology
1111B-04 Canon Law: Books III to VII
11186-04 New Testament Exegesis: Deutero-Pauline Letters and Catholic Letters
11196-02 Mariology
1111K-02 Sacraments in General
11193-04 Seminar: Theology and Language
1111L-04 Trinitarian Theology
1111M-01 Thesis
7 1111V-02 Pastoral Counseling
1111C-02 Homiletics
11199-04 Liturgy: Fundamentals
1111F-04 Pastoral Work and Communication
11194-04 Seminar: Contemporary Topics in Pastoral Work
1111D-02 Theological Synthesis
1111P-04 Pastoral Theology
8 1111E-04 Parochial Administration
1111X-04 Catechetics
1111T-04 Liturgy: Liturgical Environment and Religious Art
1111R-04 Pastoral Methodology
1111N-04 Liturgical Practice