Social Work

Social workers are capable of conducting research, analyses and interventions in social reality, in the areas of education, justice, health care, social assistance, housing, social security, labor relations, among others. They are in charge of planning, designing, implementing, executing and assessing social policies intended to expand and guarantee social rights. They are eligible to work in governmental, non-governmental and private organizations.

1 2211D-04 Social Constructionism
22293-04 Sociohistorical Education and Social Work
22377-04 Professional Training Laboratory
22190-04 Capitalist Society and Social Issues
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
2 22294-04 Labor Settings and Social Work
2221F-02 Construction of a Social Worker’s Identity
22192-04 State, Social Policies and Social Protection Systems
22374-02 Fundamentals of Social Work I
22193-04 Introduction to Human Rights
22191-02 Document Production Laboratory in Social Work I
2211C-02 Social Work and Ethical-Political Projects
3 22375-04 Fundamentals of Social Work II
22296-04 Social Work Management
22378-04 Laboratory of Social Work Intervention Processes
22295-02 Document Production Laboratory in Social Work II
22196-02 Policies and the Unified Health System of Brazil
22194-02 Racial and Ethnic Relations, Gender and Sexuality in Class Society
22195-02 Professional Ethics of Social Work: Fundamentals
4 22379-04 Mandatory Internship in Social Work I (190 Hours)
22297-04 Fundamentals of Social Work III
2221J-02 Laboratory of Social Intervention and Analysis of Work Processes
22198-02 Social Policies for the Elderly
2221H-04 Intervention Processes with Families
36121-02 Integrated Work in Health Care
22197-02 Professional Ethics of Social Work: Professional Legislation
5 22298-02 Design of a Professional Intervention Project
22381-04 Mandatory Internship in Social Work II (190 Hours)
2211E-04 Unified Social Welfare System and Policies
22119-04 Social Policies for Children, Adolescents and the Youth
22380-04 Intervention Processes with Collective Subjects
22199-02 Professional Ethics of Social Work: Professional Practice
6 22178-12 Elective Courses
22299-02 Human Diversity and Universal Design
22383-04 Mandatory Internship in Social Work III (190 Hours)
2221L-04 Social Management in the Third Sector (online and on-site)
22382-04 Collective Practices and Social Movements Laboratory
2211A-02 Social Housing Policies
2221K-02 Social Security Policies
7 2211B-02 Human Rights in Contemporary Debates
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
22376-04 Qualification Project for the Thesis (online and on-site)
2221G-04 Social Work and Conjuncture Analysis
2221A-04 Theory and Research Projects Design
8 22384-02 Advising, Consulting and Supervision in Social Work
22360-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
2221D-02 Productive Insertion and Income Transfer Policies
2221B-04 Analysis Processes in Social Research
2221E-04 Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Responsibility (online and on-site)
2221C-04 Social Work and Job Market
22373-02 Final Thesis