Social Sciences

Graduates from the Teaching degree in Social Sciences are eligible to work as High School teachers in public and/or private schools. To follow are the attributions of the graduates from the Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences: conduct surveys and analysis of information related to societies; design, conduct and evaluate global, regional, sectoral development plans and social projects; plan, coordinate, analyze and interpret social research; provide advisory services and consultancy to public and/or private companies, and community or non-governmental organizations.

1 15090-04 Philosophy and General Ethics
1510C-04 Anthropological Interpretations of Brazil
1510B-04 Political Interpretations of Brazil
1510A-04 Sociological Interpretations of Brazil
15168-02 Social Changes and the Environment
2 1514V-12 Elective courses
41297-04 Basic Statistics for Social Sciences
1514M-04 Classical Anthropological Theories
1514N-04 Political Theories: Absolutism and Liberalism
1514L-04 Sociological Theories: Positivism, Functionalism and Marxism
3 151VJ-04 Structuralism and the Hermeneutics
151CA-04 Introduction to Research in Social Sciences
1432K-02 Educational Psychology: Development
15187-04 Interpretive Sociology
151AB-04 Classical Theory of Democracy and Socialism
4 1514R-04 Anthropology of Complex Societies
1514T-04 Ethnography
1514U-04 Sociology of Work and Organizations
1514P-04 Action and Structure Sociology
1514S-04 Theory of Elites and Political Systems
151GD-02 Teaching Practicum – Social Sciences Teaching I (120 Hours)
5 151DA-04 Quantitative Methods of Social Research
1443R-04 Basic Education Organization and Policies
1432L-04 Educational Psychology: Learning
151AD-04 Contemporary Anthropological Theories
151AE-04 Contemporary Political Theories
151AC-04 Contemporary Sociological Theories
6 151GB-04 Cultural Anthropology and Alterity
1426J-04 Didactics
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
151DB-04 Qualitative Methods of Social Research
151GC-04 Topics in Brazilian Politics
151GA-04 Topics in Brazilian Sociology
7 1216C-04 Brazilian Sign Language
1513S-02 Social Sciences Teaching Methodology
1513V-04 Sociology of Education
1516E-02 Teaching Practicum – Social Sciences Teaching II (120 Hours)
8 1513W-00 Complementary Activities (200 Hours)
1514Y-04 Supervised Internship – Social Sciences (230 Hours)