Graduates from the Teaching Degree in Philosophy are eligible to teach in public or private Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Graduates from the Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy are eligible to work as advisors in companies, hospitals and institutions by helping their staff understand some human life issues, especially concerning ethics.

1 15021-04 Philosophical Anthropology I
1503A-04 History of Ancient Philosophy
15050-04 Introduction to Philosophy
15015-04 Logic I
15095-04 Philosophical Methodology
2 15022-04 Philosophical Anthropology II
1503B-04 History of Medieval Philosophy
15016-04 Logic II
1503I-04 Metaphysics I
15017-04 Theory of Knowledge I
3 1503C-04 History of Modern Philosophy I
1503Z-04 Metaphysics II
1445D-04 Basic Education Organization and Policies
1432K-02 Educational Psychology: Development
15018-04 Theory of Knowledge II
4 1500D-12 Elective courses
1503G-04 Philosophy Teaching – Supervised Internship I (140 Hours)
1500V-04 Philosophy of Science
1503E-04 History of Modern Philosophy II
1432L-04 Educational Psychology: Learning
1503F-04 General Ethics
5 1426J-04 Didactics
1503L-04 Philosophy Teaching – Supervised Internship II (130 Hours)
1500U-04 Philosophy of Religion
1503J-04 History of Contemporary Philosophy I
1503K-04 Applied Ethics
6 1503R-04 Philosophy Teaching – Supervised Internship II (130 Hours)
1500Y-04 Aesthetics
1503P-04 Social and Political Philosophy
1503N-04 History of Contemporary Philosophy II
1216C-04 Brazilian Sign Language
7 1503U-04 Science and Society
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
1503T-04 Thesis (Initial Project)
1502P-04 Environmental Ethics
8 1500Z-00 Complementary Activities (210 Hours)
15046-04 Philosophy of Language
1503X-04 Hermeneutics
1503W-04 Thesis (Final)