Graduates from the Teaching degree in Geography are eligible to work as Elementary, Middle or High School teachers in public and/or private schools. Graduates from the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography are eligible to work with research, consultancy and planning. They can work as liberal professionals, in technical areas or in consultancy and advising companies; they can conduct activities related to the environment, physical spaces, cartography, hydrography and tourism, in both urban and rural areas.
1 15359-04 Epistemology of Geography
15360-04 Population Studies
15363-04 Cultural Geography
1531C-04 Physical Geography
1531D-04 Geography of Production and Consumption
1531E-01 Field Activity I
2 1531H-04 Cartography
15367-04 Dynamics and Structure of Earth
1531G-04 Applied Physical Geography
1531S-04 Geography of Inland Waters
1445D-04 Basic Education Organization and Policies
1531J-01 Field Activity II
3 1530J-00 Complementary Activities (200 Hours)
1531R-04 Thematic Cartography
1531K-02 Climatology I
1531P-12 Elective Courses
1531W-04 Geomorphology Applied to Geography
1531M-02 Geography Workshops
1532B-02 Educational Psychology: Development
1432K-02 Field Activity III
1531T-01 Climatology II
4 1531Y-04 Study of Urban Development
1531U-04 Rural Studies
1531V-04 Regional Geography
1531L-04 Climate and Botanical Landscapes
1432L-04 Educational Psychology: Learning
1531Z-01 Field Activity IV
5 1426J-04 Didactics
15391-02 Supervised Internship I (100 Hours)
1531F-04 Geography of the Oceans
1532A-04 Geography in Different Territorial Contexts – Case Study
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
15389-04 Remote Sensing
1532D-01 Field Activity V
6 15390-04 Cities and Territorial Organization
15393-02 Supervised Internship II (100 Hours)
1532E-04 Geography of Brazil
1532F-04 Geography in Different Territorial Contexts / Territorial and Territoriality – Case study
1532K-01 Field Activity VI
7 15394-04 Supervised Internship in Geography Teaching Elementary School (100 Hours)
15398-04 Environmental Geography
1532L-04 Regional Geography of Brazil
1216C-04 Brazilian Sign Language
1532N-01 Field Activity VII
8 15395-04 Supervised Internship in Geography Teaching in High School (100 Hours)
15399-04 Geography of Rio Grande do Sul
15388-04 Geopolitics
1532S-01 Field Activity VIII
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship