Creative Writing

Graduates from this program can work as fictional writers, editors, proofreaders, agents, supervising editors or screenwriters, in different genres and languages, by making use of conventional or digital means (books, periodicals, illustrations, internet, social media, podcasts, text and image editors) on their behalf in creative activities.

1 12289-02 Creative Writing: Fundamentals
121AG-04 Linguistic Studies of Text and Discourse
12224-04 Fundamentals of Literary Studies
23601-02 History of Cinema I
12288-04 Creativity Laboratory
12290-02 Repertoire I
12287-04 Narrative Theories
2 12295-04 Creative Writing: Narrative (Online and on-site)
12294-02 Creative Writing: Poetry
23133-02 Aesthetics and History of Art
12293-02 Literature, Cinema and Television
12291-02 Oral and Written Literature
254CM-02 Intellectual Property
12296-02 Repertoire II
121AH-04 Semiotics
12292-02 Theory of the Lyric
3 12299-02 Creative Writing: Child and Adolescent Literature
12281-04 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction I (Online and On-site)
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
12297-04 Games and Graphic Narratives Laboratory
12232-04 Classical Authors
12298-02 Book Manufacture
12283-02 Audiovisual Narratives
12284-02 Repertoire III
12282-04 Drama Theories (Online and on-site)
4 1221D-02 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction II
1221B-02 Digital Convergence Laboratory
1221G-04 Audiovisual Script Production Laboratory
1221E-02 Dramatic Structure Laboratory
12234-04 Modern Literature Authors (Online and on-site)
1221F-02 Research Project – Creation (Online and on-site)
1218A-02 Proofreading
1221A-02 Theory of Reading
1221C-02 Ethics and Legislation in the Editorial Market
5 1221J-02 Cultural Criticism
1256X-04 Elective courses
1221N-04 Creative Entrepreneurship
1221H-02 Mass Literature
1221K-02 Literature and Arts
1221L-04 Literary Workshop (Online and on-site)
1221M-02 Thesis