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Concentration Area

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Name Description
Development and evaluation of biotechnology-based products This line of research involves studying the process of development of biotechnology-based products, focusing on biopharmaceuticals. Exploring the development of in vitro and in vivo diagnostic systems and their applications. Developing biological research in hypergravity, and also evaluating and characterizing nanostructured pharmaceutical materials and new radiopharmaceuticals applied in nuclear medicine.
Research and evaluation of molecular targets This line of research aims at the identification, characterization and validation of macromolecules as possible targets for the development of drugs and diagnostic tests focused on infectious, chronic degenerative, and neglected diseases. In these processes, bioinformatics tools, such as the techniques of computational molecular biophysics, will be employed. The synthesis of new chemical compounds capable of interacting with macromolecular targets will also be approached. In this line, pharmacological and toxicological studies of molecules are also developed.

Research Structures

Research Laboratories
Name Coordinator
Laboratório de Farmacologia Aplicada FERNANDA BUENO MORRONE
Laboratório de Biofísica Celular e Inflamação JARBAS RODRIGUES DE OLIVEIRA
Laboratório de Operações Unitárias (LOPE) EDUARDO CASSEL
Research Core
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Research Center
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