Lines and Research Structures


Concentration Area

Name Description
Craniofacial growth, development and deformities This line of research focuses on studies that support the diagnosis and surgical treatment of craniofacial patients with congenital or acquired deformities.
Diagnosis and applied therapies This line of research evaluates and compares complementary diagnostic methods applied to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS). It analyzes the results of drug therapy applied to OMS. It selects the medicinal and/or surgical therapies recommended for trauma or oral and maxillofacial pathologies.
Clinical Stomatology
Name Description
Oral and maxillofacial diseases ¿ clinical, immunological and anatomo-pathological studies The goal is to study, through clinical and laboratory trials, the etiopathogenesis of diseases that affect the oral cavity, as well as their consequences.
Stomatology diagnostic methods It aims to study the diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region and their consequences through different diagnostic methods that are applicable to them, as well as the provision of deeper insights and acquisition of new methods for clinical, laboratory and imaging diagnosis.
Dental Prosthetics
Name Description
Craniomandibular Disorders This line of research studies the alterations caused by occlusal disorders directly on the temporomandibular joints, and assesses, along with signs and symptoms, the most adequate means for their resolution.
Dentistry Techniques and Devices This line of research studies the different techniques and devices, fixed and removable, according to clinical situation
Name Description
Etiopathogenesis and treatment of periodontal and periapical diseases To better understand the modulatory processes involved in the onset and progression of inflammatory alterations involved in pulpal, periapical and periodontal lesions, correlating them with systemic outcomes.
Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics
Name Description
Growth, Development, Diagnosis and Applied Therapies This line of research will focus on studies that support the diagnosis, planning and treatment of orthodontic and facial orthopedic cases.
Orthodontic Materials and Biocompatibility This line fosters comparative studies of biocompatible dental materials with emphasis on those that are interesting to the field of orthodontics, supported by resources available from the Schools of Biosciences, Chemistry, Pharmacy and the Toxicology Institute.
Restorative Dentistry
Name Description
Adhesive systems Mechanical tests of the bond strength of adhesive systems applied on dental surfaces and dental materials such as composite resin, ceramics and fiberglass. In situ and in vivo studies for testing the adhesive systems.
Restorative technologies and techniques The objective is to develop studies in laser, finite elements, mechanical tests of restorative materials applied in cavity preparation and the investigation of the potential of new technologies that can be incorporated to these techniques.

Research Structures

Research Laboratories
Name Coordinator
Laboratório de Materiais Dentários ANA MARIA SPOHR
Laboratório de Imunologia e Microbiologia SILVIA DIAS DE OLIVEIRA
Laboratório de Laser em Odontologia ROGERIO MIRANDA PAGNONCELLI
Laboratório de Patologia MARIA MARTHA CAMPOS
Laboratório de Toxicologia Pré-Clínica MARIA MARTHA CAMPOS
Laboratório de Análises Toxicológicas MARIA MARTHA CAMPOS
Research Core
Name Coordinator
Centro de Reabilitação em Fissuras Lábiopalatinas (CERLAP) LUCIANE MACEDO DE MENEZES
Research Center
Name Coordinator
Centro de Pesquisa em Toxicologia e Farmacologia MARIA MARTHA CAMPOS