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Participants that submitted abstracts for poster presentation should check on the ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS MENU their PRESENTATION DAY.

IV Latin American Zebrafish Network (LAZEN) Symposium & III Symposium “Zebrafish as a model organism in scientific research”

December 9th and 10th 2016.

Events hall, Building 50, PUCRS.

The symposium is an initiative from the Latin American Zebrafish Network ( and PUCRS dedicated to foster the use of zebrafish in Latin America. The event incorporates the third edition of the symposium “O Zebrafish como modelo animal de pesquisa”. The program includes talks and round-tables with international scientists and young investigators to discuss major scientific topics and technologies. A poster session with award will be open to abstract submission and selected candidates will also give oral presentations.

The event is open to the scientific community and welcomes students from all levels and professionals from different fields, working or not with zebrafish.

Click here and see Accepted abstracts Click here your Presentation day Poster sessions will take place during the symposium “Poster sessions and Coffee breaks” indicated in the event schedule on December 9th and 10th at the events hall of Building 50 of the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul ( Posters should be 130cm high x 100cm wide and be hanged before the first symposium sessions of each day (8:30am). Authors are responsible for hanging and dismantling the posters after the afternoon session. Posters should have cords to be hanged up on the available boards’ hooks. More information about the symposium schedule and poster sessions will soon be available at the event site.


Time Activity
8:30 Opening remarks LAZEN board + organizing committee
9:00 Opening Lecture
Dr. Moreno-Mateos (Yale University, USA)
“Using an optimized CRISPR-Cas in vivo system to understand early development in vertebrates”
10:45 Coffee break and poster session
 11:15 Round-table: Morpholinos vs gene edition: how to reconcile knock-downs and knock-outs
Chair: Dr Flavio Zolessi  (Universidad de La Republica and Institut Pasteur, Uruguay)
Dr. Moreno-Mateos (Yale University, USA)
Dr. Luciana Bertolini (PUCRS, Brazil)
Lunch break
14:00 Session on Toxicology
Chair: Dr. Maurício Bogo
Dr. Denis Rosemberg (UFSM, Brazil) – “Neuropsychopharmacology of taurine: zebrafish give you wings”
Dr. Eduardo Rico (UNESC, Brazil) – “Fish embryo test (FET): Applicability for toxicological research”
Dr. Enrique Salas-Vidal (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico) – “Reactive oxygen species participate in the control of cell motility in developing zebrafish embryos”.
Giovana Oliveira (Brazil) – “SPIONs Toxicity on Zebrafish Heart Function”
15:30 Coffee break and poster session
16:00 Session on Behavioral Studies
Chair: Dr. Monica Vianna (PUCRS, Brazil)
Dra Laura Roesler Nery (PUCRS Brazil) – Does fish sleep? Rest wake cycle in zebrafish
Dr. Monica Vianna (PUCRS, Brazil) – Using zebrafish larvae to study Alzheimer Disease’s
Isadora Paiva (Brazil) – Behavioral plasticity induced by ethanol exposure in adult Zebrafish
 17:00 Round table on Animal Care and Facilities
Chair: Dr. Manoel Luis Costa (UFRJ, Brazil)
Cassandra Carrillo (Uruguay)
Fabiano Menezes (Brazil)

December 10th Saturday 

Time Activity
9:00 Session on Models of Diseases
Chair: Dr. Carla Bonan (PUCRS, Brazil)
Dr. Themis Reverbel (UFRGS, Brazil) – Zebrafish an important recognized tool for liver disease research
Dr. Diogo Losch (UFRGS, Brazil) – Zebrafish as a model to study brain energy metabolism during excessive neuronal activity
Karina Bravo (Chile) – Zebrafish as a model for the study of neutrophil migration in response to a severe damage
Fernanda Cruz (Brazil) – involvement of caffeine and adenosine receptors in inflammation induced by copper in zebrafish larvae
10:30 Coffee break and poster session
11:00 Session on Developmental Biology I
Chair: Dr. Rosane Souza (PUCRS, Brazil)
Dr. Manoel Luis Costa (UFRJ, Brazil) – “Cytoskseleton and cell adhesion in zebrafish myogenesis”
Dr. Flavio Zolessi (Universidad de La Republica and Institut Pasteur, Uruguay) – “Polarized signaling in neurogenesis: the role of primary cilia in the zebrafish retina”
Dr. Bruno Souza (UFMG, Brazil) – “The role of dopamine in the development of brain and behavior”
Lunch break
LAZEN assembly and board election
14:00 Session on Developmental Biology II
Chair: Dr. Rosane Souza (PUCRS, Brazil)
Dr. Denhi Schnabel Peraza (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico) – RhoA/ROCK pathway activity is essential for the correct localization of the germ plasm mRNAs in zebrafish embryos.
Camila Davison Rotunno (Uruguay) – “Effects of Slit-Robo signaling blocking on differentiating retinal ganglion cells”
15:15 Session on Challenges of using zebrafish in LA and initiatives
16:00 Coffee break and poster session
16:30 Closing Lecture
Dr. Allan Kallueff (ZENEREI Research Center, USA; St Petersburg State University, Russia; Guangdong Ocean University, China)
“Why is zebrafish an excellent model to understand normal and disordered brain?”
17:00 Closing ceremony
LAZEN board + Organizing committee + Sponsors

Certificates will be provided to all who obtain at least 75 % attendance

  • Prof.Dr. Monica Ryff Moreira Roca Vianna – Faculdade de Biociências PUCRS
  • Prof.Dr. Carla D Bonan – Faculdade de Biociências PUCRS
  • Prof.Dr. Rosane Silva Souza  – Faculdade de Biociências PUCRS
  • Prof.Dr. Maurício Reis Bogo  – Faculdade de Biociências PUCRS
  • Prof. Dr. Leonardo Barcellos – UPF
Categories Prices
PUCRS undergraduate Students R$ 100,00
PUCRS alumni R$ 100,00
Undergraduate Students R$ 120,00
Graduate Students R$ 250,00
Other R$ 300,00


Instructions for registration: All participants should use the registration link and follow the registration steps to include personal information and select registration category. (“Avançar” means “go to next step”). Only participants with accepted abstracts for poster presentation need to fill the “Inscrição – Trabalhos” form with Abstract Title and Authors’ information (your name will be automatically listed, just add the co-authors information). This information will be used in the poster presentation certificates. If you do not have an accepted abstract choose “limpar” to remove your name from the authors list in the “Inscrição – Trabalhos” tab and go to the next step (“avançar”) to finish your registration. Credit cards are accepted.

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