The year 2019 has begun with an air of excitement in view of a number of new initiatives that have been implemented, and others that are yet to take place at our University. Find out about our latest news below.

Office for International Cooperation

PUCRS Magazine

The new edition of PUCRS Magazine is now available in a bilingual format. This yearly publication features the most important actions and achievements of 2018, including: the University’s 70th anniversary; new facilities for faculty and students to practice new teaching and learning approaches; the Alliance to make Porto Alegre a complex of innovation; the undergraduate and graduate courses delivered entirely in English and an interview on cancer treatment with oncologist Nelson Kalil, who now lives in the USA.


Seminar welcomed a new group of international students

PUCRS welcomed 27 international students, from 11 different countries. Twelve inbound students, who have joined the Programme since 2018/2, will be staying for another term to get the most out of their experience in the campus. Integration activities, as well as the Buddy Program, are expected to occur.

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PUCRS to send 89 students to 15 different countries in 2019

In the first semester of 2019, 89 students of PUCRS will be attending classes and engaging in a number of different activities at partner universities. Here is a list of countries that were selected for 2019: Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, USA, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, UK, Sweden and Uruguay, totalizing 47 universities in various regions of the world.

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Research and teaching opportunities for international faculty at PUCRS

The Project of Institutional Internationalization PUCRS-PrInt is now open to select grantees for different programs for the year 2019. The grants will be awarded to Brazilians to develop work overseas and to international researchers to conduct studies with us.International faculty and researchers, when affiliated to international institutions, are also eligible.

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PUCRS Researchers Portal

In an effort to advance connections, value the work done by our researchers and strengthen national and international partnerships, PUCRS has released the Researchers portal. The portal, available in English, features the most relevant information about the professionals committed to research at the Institution.

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EducationUSA office at PUCRS brings Brazil and the USA together

On Nov 2018, PUCRS officially opened its doors to an EducationUSA advising center. It is affiliated to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs – ECA, of the US Department of State, with more than 425 centers in 175 countries. PUCRS is the first university in Rio Grande do Sul to host such a center.

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Event brings together museums of PUCRS, Newcastle and Oxford

Professors from Newcastle University and University of Oxford, came to the 2nd edition of Connecting Museums, at the auditorium of PUCRS’ Science and Technology Museum (MCT). The event was offered in support of the partnership between MCT-PUCRS, the Great North Museum: Hancock (Newcastle) and the Museum of Natural History (Oxford).

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Tecnopuc takes part in local program for internationalization of companies

PUCRS’ Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc) signed an agreement to join Globaltech, a project designed to support the internationalization of companies. The first action of the program is expected to occur in Mar 2019, as about 15 businesses will be selected to have training and advising sessions with an eye to the international market.

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PUCRS is best private university in South of Brazil according to Ministry of Education

PUCRS is the best private university in the south of Brazil, as per the General Index of Programs (IGC), released by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in December 2018.

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Groundbreaking research is highlighted in international ranking

The most recent edition of THE Emerging Economies University Rankings 2019 features PUCRS as the best private institution in the south of Brazil and one of the top 3 private universities in the country in a list that includes the universities from emerging countries. PUCRS fared well in the category Citations, earning the top position among the higher education institutions of Brazil.

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The Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul – PUCRS (InsCer) is a reference in research and diagnosis in the area of neurosciences and in the production of radiopharmaceuticals. In full expansion, the Center will triple in size and establish itself as one of the best centers in the world in evaluation and research of solutions for brain disorders, and in development and application of cutting-edge healthcare technology.

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