Some of the most modern equipment that are available at Cepac, for experiments, physico-chemical and mineralogical analysis and characterization.

THAR High Pressure Reaction System

THAR P50 High pressure continuous piston pump, pressure regulators, CO2 heating system, stainless steel vessel/reactor heating system, cooling system, temperature regulators. Applications: Carbonation experiments of reservoir/caprock and cement samples with supercritical CO2.

Stainless Steel Reactor

Autoclaves for high pressure and temperature reactions (200°C, 400 bar) equipped with manometer, injection valve, termopar and heating strap. Applications: Carbonation experiments of cement samples and rocks (reservoirs and / or seals) with supercritical CO2.

Glass Reactor

Glass reactor with double layer for water circulation (heating or cooling). Applications: Extraction and carbonation of steel slag at atmospheric pressure.

LECO CHN Element Analyzer

Element analyzer for carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen in organic samples. Applications: Chemical element analysis of coal for determination of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen proportions and coal quality evaluation for CO2 geological storage and hydrocarbon enhanced recovery.

Carl Zeiss Axioimager A1m Microscope

Carl Zeiss microscope, Axioimager A1m model, adapted for high resolution coal petrography. Planar objective optics (reflected light and fluorescence), with reflective power measuring device (two standards). Applications: Petrographical analysis of coal and rocks. Determination of mineralogical composition, textures, crystalline structures and porosity of reservoir/caprock samples, and organic matter in coals through fluorescence, aimed for quality standards in CO2 geological storage research.

Leica Binocular Microscope

Leica binocular polarization microscope, DMLP model, complete for visualization with incident and transmitted light, 25x, 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x zoom magnification. Applications: Petrographical description of reservoir/caprock samples; quality parameter evaluation for CO2 geological storage and geochemical modeling.

Rubotherm Magnetic Suspension Balance

Magnetic suspension balance for thermogravimetric high precision weighing (microgram), for high pressure and temperature measurements (500 bar, 250°C). Applications: Analysis of coal and minerals, monitoring of carbonation reactions under supercritical conditions.

PerkinElmer Infrarred Spectrophotomer

PerkinElmer Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR), with total attenuation reflectance accessory. Full kit for solid, liquid and gel sample preparation and manual press for KBr pellets. Applications: Monitoring of carbonation reactions and product characterization.

Shimadzu Analytical Balance

High precision analytical balance (0.1 mg). Applications: Weighing and sample preparation at analytical scale.

Shimadzu Microdurometer

Shimadzu Microdurometer, model HMV-2T. Dual objective (10x and 40x), allowing zoom magnifications of 100x and 400x. Equipped with bench lathe and digital micrometer. Measures microhardness using Vickers or Knoop methods. Applications: This equipment is used to evaluate the amount of degradation of cements used on the completion of injecting or producing wells, by carbonation or bicarbonation, through microhardness profile analysis. May also be employed in the analysis of reservoir rock integrity after carbonation reactions.

pH/ORP/Temperature Meter

Digimed pH/ORP/Temperature Meter, model DM-22. Applications: pH measurements in aqueous solutions.

Condutivity/Resistivity/Concentration/Salinity/TDS/Ash Meter

Digimed Conductivity/Resistivity/Concentration/Salinity/TDS/Ash Meter, model DM-32. Applications: Conductivity analysis for carbonation studies in brines/saline fluids.