Webinar discusses financial management for international cooperation projects

Event offered in partnership between PUCRS and Universidad Técnica de Machala, Ecuador

02/10/2020 - 13h39

On Oct 6, at 6 P.M., the Office for International Cooperation of PUCRS, in partnership with Universidad Técnica de Machala, from Ecuador, will be promoting the international webinar Financial Management for International Cooperation Projects.  

The webinar will be streamed live from PUCRS’ YouTube channel. The session, to be conducted in Spanish and Portuguese, will discuss how universities can obtain and manage international cooperation projects with funding.  

The program 

Conference 1: The experience of the Office for Support to Research – EAP – at PUCRS (in Portuguese) 

Prof. Dr. Régis Mestriner (Project Coordinator at the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies of PUCRS) 

Conference 2: From research teams to international consortia: challenges and opportunities (in Portuguese) 

Prof. Dr. Edimara Luciano (PUCRS’ Business School Professor) 

Conference 3: Funding opportunities from the Canadian government for cooperation projects (in Spanish) 

Mr. Sebastian Jarrin (Program Coordinator at the Canadian International Resource and Development Institute, Canada) 

Conference 4: Sharing achievements from international agreements (accomplished cooperation projects) (in Spanish) 

Dr. Colón Velasquez (Professor at Universidad Técnica de Machala, Ecuador)

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