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Visiting professor from Italy takes part in Business School activities

Università degli Studi di Palermo professor Carmine Bianchi came to PUCRS on CAPES grant

20/11/2019 - 08h34

Photo: Personal archive

Italian professor Carmine Bianchi, from Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy, came to PUCRS on a CAPES’ Escola de Altos Estudos grant, with a project submitted and approved in 2018. Bianchi was welcomed at the Business School, where he took part in a number of activities in the company of Prof. Dr Edimara Luciano.

Bianchi taught a number of courses during his stay at the University, as follows: Government and Society; Emerging Themes in Strategy, Organizations and Society; and Corporate Sustainability, in the Graduate Program in Business Administration  (PPGAd). The professor also delivered the lecture Fostering Sustainable Communities Outcomes through Collaborative Governance, and promoted a discussion on good research practices to the School’s students and faculty.

His visit will strengthen research cooperation with the Italian university, especially in the area of Collaborative Governance and Active Citizenship. Carmine Bianchi also discussed academic mobility possibilities, doctoral research internships and double degrees with Università degli Studi di Palermo with the Dean of Business School, Dr Eder Henrisson, and the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Business Administration, Dr Lelis Espartel.