Virtual exchange with U.S. institution to delve into biotechnology

Hybrid program will bring PUCRS and Catholic University of America students together

02/08/2022 - 09h11

Catholic University of America / Photo: Release

Next semester, PUCRS’ undergraduate and graduate students will be able to have a virtual international experience in partnership with Catholic University of America (CUA), USA. The program Engineering the Future: Biotechnology solutions to world challenges will provide students with insights into biotechnology applied to space exploration. At the end, students from both institutions will receive a certificate of completion.

The program will use a hands-on methodology that will allow students from diverse academic backgrounds to join forces in multicultural teams to investigate the biotechnological applications for advanced space exploration and how these questions correlate with the current challenges we face.

According to School of Technology professor, Dr. Allan Morcelli, who coordinates the project at PUCRS, Bioprocesses has been pointed out as one of the most promising areas in the near future in the job market, even before the pandemic. Since then, it has grown in importance. “Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary area that has been offering growing career opportunities in Brazil and abroad. This program will prepare students to work in this area, by developing not only technical knowledge, but competence in English”, he says.

Eligibility criteria

  • To be enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate program in any area;
  • Interest in biotechnology and space exploration;
  • Fluency in English.

The program

The 40-hour program will run from Aug 29 to Dec 9. The synchronous classes will be delivered by Zoom in an effort to bring together U.S. and Brazilian students. There will also be face-to-face meetings at PUCRS with the Brazilian group and asynchronous activities. The students’ solution to the proposed problems must include technical, economic, ethical and entrepreneurial aspects linked to all the professions involved.

The program will also enable students to develop their oral and written communication skills in English. It is an opportunity to get fully immersed in English with their involvement in technical discussions, as the idea is to prepare students for a similar experience in the job market, in which he will have to work in a multicultural team, communicate with everyone and report their work. The program can count towards complementary activities.

Click here to register. For further information, please send an email to [email protected].

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